DNA is an essential element for building up an individual’s genetic makeup. It contains all the information that could possibly be needed to make up a person. DNA analysis is an advanced scientific technology that uses the DNA samples of individuals to help learn more about them. They are extremely important when it comes to solving crime cases. DNA analysis helps identify individuals through their remains and uncover evidence to rule out suspects involved in the crime. Every human has a unique set of DNA that helps differentiate them from all the other people on the planet. 

DNA testing is such a powerful tool in forensic DNA technology that it can help solve years old cold cases by using evidence collected during that time, i.e., the evidence was correctly stored without any contamination. With the use of DNA samples, forensic scientists can now build a whole human face and help solve cases. 

They are tirelessly working day and night to construct a database aimed at enhancing individual identification accuracy through DNA face matching. Scientists can perform facial ethnicity tests to determine the ethnic background of an individual by using their facial features only. In this article, we will learn more about how forensic DNA testing allows for solving cold cases.

Understanding The Way Facial Recreation Works

Forensic scientists are working tirelessly to create a database containing a vast variety of facial feature samples and faces so that creating faces from DNA samples is the most accurate and precise. They collect hair samples and photographs of different people belonging to other ethnicities that could help later on in recreating the faces of people. When criminal cases involve unidentified remains of an individual, facial reconstruction and identification may be the last resort for solving the case and identifying the individual.  

The reason why human beings vary and have unique features is because of single nucleotide pleomorphisms. These sequences help individuals be exceptional in their traits and features. In order to make facial recreation possible, forensic specialists use hair samples to microscopically view the DNA structure and send it for interpretation and unveiling of DNA. Facial reconstruction works in two ways. 

  1. Forensic Sculpture

Forensic sculpture uses the available remains of the individual. The remains are put together like a puzzle piece, and attempts are made to place artificial skin and other features so that the face can look recognizable. This method isn’t very effective and reliable. Hence, DNA phenotyping is used instead.

  1. DNA Phenotyping

DNA phenotyping is a scientific method of predicting a person’s face using their DNA. It is used to accurately predict the eye shape, color, size, jaw size, face structure, etc, and all other information in order to reconstruct a person’s face digitally. They create a 3D model that could help in identifying missing people or murdered individuals and also help in finding suspects involved in the case.

DNA Test Kits

DNA test kits are available at all drug stores and can be purchased easily. They allow you to take a DNA test at home. Just take a DNA sample, mostly hair strands, cheek swabs, and blood samples are preferred, and store these samples in the designated kit. The samples can be sent to any nearby DNA testing lab to analyze the DNA sample. 


Hence, facial recreation, through the help of advanced DNA analysis technology, has helped millions of family members get the closure they need. Although there is a lot of improvement required in the recreation process, it is still far better than it was before. It is now possible to open up cold cases and solve new crime cases with the help of DNA technology. 

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