In 2024, a lot of people feel sluggish, and that their brains have a bit of fog floating around inside them.

This could be due to decreased sleep, longer working hours or too much work. Whatever the cause, the majority of people who work in a fast-paced environment are looking for a way to improve their mental agility, without becoming overstimulated on coffee!

Creatine has been found to be beneficial when it comes to improving cognitive function. So, here, you will be guided through how creatine can help keep your mind working just as you want it to!

Brain Metabolism and Creatine

Very few people are aware of how much energy it takes to keep the brain running. 

Indeed, 20% of all daily inputs via food or supplements goes towards keeping the brain running. So, how does creatine help with this and what does creatine do? By increasing the amount of creatine in a diet, you can combat mental fatigue and also increase the speed at which the brain, and the neurochemicals within it, operate. This boosts brain metabolism and helps with memory recall and intelligence.

Creatine and Memory

Memory is a complicated thing, with different parts of the brain being responsible for muscle memory, cognitive memory, and long- and short-term memory. 

Creatine, as mentioned before, helps to speed up the brain’s metabolism, which has been found to boost the energy production of mitochondria. This is a boon for recall and memory. It is true that many supplements will proclaim to help memory while offering no real advantage, but time after time, studies have found that creatine has a genuinely positive impact on memory recall.

Reasoning and Creatine

Being able to reason with others and with life stressors is important for daily life, especially if someone suffers from a mental health issue or has a high-pressure job. The underlying mechanism is not truly known, but as creatine helps to speed up metabolic function in the brain, it is theorized that its usage in supplement form can also help with reasoning. A study conducted in 2018 that assessed randomized trials concluded that, when compared to placebos, those who took oral creatine had higher levels of reasoning skills, as well as emotional intelligence. Of course, as is always the way, more research is needed!

Creatine and Older Adults

OK, so it may as well just be stated here; there is no cure for memory loss in older people. It is also worth noting that, once a person reaches 65, it is part of the natural process that they may begin to lose their memory, as well as struggle with cognitive issues.

Any changes in cognitive states should be explored by a doctor to ensure that there is no disease, but in older people who do not have a degenerative brain disease, creatine has been found to be helpful. It has been found to improve memory and reasoning, and, in general, it has also been found to maintain mental agility in older people due to its ability to speed up cognitive processes.