For a fun activity with educational value and something you can do together with your kids on a wet afternoon, book nook kits could be the magical craft activity to forge meaningful bonds over. It gives parents a chance to create meaningful connections and let kids’ imaginations run wild, listen to them share with you what they imagine to be the scene depicted in a book, and then you can help them bring that vision to reality in a magical book nook that’s the size of a standard paperback. Once completed, it slots in between books on a bookshelf to add that magical touch, and possibly encourage kids to explore more reading genres.

Fun facts about book nooks 

Book nooks are also called bookshelf inserts. It’s believed to have originated in Japan, and it’s now a popular craft activity around the globe with online communities sharing their own designs, 3D printed miniature furniture and figurines, and vinyl stickers to use as wall decor within these miniature worlds. 

For a touch of whimsical charm, LED lights can be inserted acting as street lighting, romantic fireplaces in a miniature reading room, a camping fire in an enchanted forest, or LED strip lights to create a cyberpunk vibe. 

Book nooks are not made to any particular scale, however, the furniture and accessories that go in these are typically of a similar size to doll house accessories, sometimes smaller. 

Book nook kits are like flat-pack 3D puzzles with the accessories, (sometimes including the lights), paint, decals, glue, and illustrative instructions being included letting those new to the craft get up and running quickly, creating a book nook in an afternoon or weekend that’s then inserted on the bookshelf, completely transforming its look from bland to enchanting. Depending on the design of the kit, there may be an illusion of the scene continuing infinitely.  The result can look like a portal into another world tucked away behind the wall that the bookshelf is placed on. 

Space exploration: For fans of astronomy, this theme can include stars, planets, and nebula to create a cosmos illusion illuminated by LED lights. 

Fantasy worlds: These can be enchanted forests, or imaginary cities complete with wizards, miniature bottles for potions, and spell books lining the walls. 

Street alleys: Many of the alleyway kits depict scenes from literature such as the Sherlock Holmes series featuring 221b Baker Street, or more general alley settings can depict Victorian era streets with cobbled pathways, or for learning about different cultures, a Tokyo Alley book nook kit can introduce the types of restaurants in Japan, such as a Ramen bar, or the fish market to introduce sushi and discuss how diets differ by country. 

Realistic book nook kits often depict scenes from different regions, such as historic bookstores, quaint streets with vintage street lights, cafes and market stalls along side streets. 

Difficulty Levels and Age Ranges for Book Nook Kits 

The majority of DIY book nook kits are suitable for ages 14+, however, that’s due to the small parts, and the electrical wiring for LED lights. With adult supervision, kids of slightly younger ages can paint decals and furniture, mold figurines out of clay, arrange succulent plants in miniature planters, and overall help to customize the kit into what they want to have on their bookshelf.

As a family activity, book nook kits can give busy families a creative activity that can be done together, ideas shared, memories made and cherished in a custom piece of memorabilia that’ll have fond memories of times shared each time you look at the mini wonder on the bookshelf.