When the first ATM that exchanged Bitcoin was installed in 2013 in a coffee shop in Vancouver, I knew it was a game changer. I had just started dabbling with crypto trading and seeing a decent return. After seeing the move to crypto ATMs, I took half my savings and exchanged it to a few different cryptocurrencies. 

Being able to turn digital currency into hard cash with the convenience of a bitcoin ATM is easy. I do it all the time for purchases I don’t want to use traditional banking methods on. There are a few extra steps for your first withdrawal, but after that it’s just as easy as using your debit card.

Take a look at these 4 short steps to turn your Bitcoin to cash.

Four Simple Steps to Withdrawing Cash From a Bitcoin ATM

Once you master using cryptocurrency ATMs you’ll see how easy it is to ditch your nosey bank transactions and do more with your digital currency.

Step 1: Find Bitcoin ATMs That Are in Your Local Area and Areas You Travel To Frequently

Search for Bitcoin ATMs that are in the areas you frequent most. Once you find a company or two that looks like a good fit, take a look at what services they offer. Make sure they do what you need.

Step 2: Select a Crypto ATM Company From Your Search and Set Up An Account

Setting up a new account at an ATM can be awkward, and sometimes they make you download their app anyways. Save yourself time and pick an ATM service company from your search in Step 1. that makes sense for you. 

Either create an account online, or download the company’s cell phone app and create your account through there. I look for ATMs with apps, so I can have easy access on my phone wherever I am.

Step 3: Go Into Your Account and Select the Sell Crypto Option

After creating an account, you’ll have the option of starting a new transaction. You’ll select the ‘sell crypto’ option and then follow the prompts which will include how much crypto you want to sell and a confirmation of your transaction details before completing.

Step 4: Receive Your Cash Code From Your New Crypto ATM Company 

Before heading to your bitcoin ATM, you will need to receive what’s called a ‘cash code’ from the crypto ATM company you just set up an account with. After you complete your first ‘sell crypto for cash’ transaction (Step 3.) you will receive this cash code from the new company either by email or text.

Step 5: Head to Your New ATM and Grab Your Cash!

Now that you have your code, you’ll need to take that to the ATM. Once there you will have you login into your account and then it will ask for your cash code. If you have an app on your phone, you can usually login there once you’re at the ATM. Once you provide your cash code, out comes your cash. Simple as that.

Crypto to Hard Cash with Digital Currency ATMs

Now you see, following these four steps will have you pulling out cash from a Bitcoin ATM in no time! These things are super convenient and I really enjoy using them when I don’t want to use my traditional bank. As the landscape of the financial world keeps changing, getting more intune with using crypto like Bitcoin is recommended.