Did you know that Texas accounts for 8.5% of all cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States? In recent years, more people have been looking in the Lone Star State to find the best tummy tuck surgeon in Dallas.

Luckily, you can pause your research, because we’ve found the best abdominoplasty surgeon in Dallas. Keep reading if you’re ready for your beach body this summer!

The Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Dallas

Countless surgeons in Dallas promise you amazing results. Unfortunately, not every abdominoplasty is done the same. And health and fitness can only get you so far.

Luckily, there are now special techniques that only the best surgeons know, which can maximize your results.

Not to mention, the post-op recovery can be brutal. However, when you get the best tummy tuck surgeon in Dallas, your recovery can look a lot better. 

So who is this surgeon with the best tummy tuck in Dallas? He is none other than Dr. Deuber!  Dr. Deuber has performed countless tummy tucks in this career with a unique approach. 

Dr. Deuber’s Secret Technique for a Safe and Affective Tummy Tuck

Dr. Deuber’s main focus is having the post-op recovery as this can affect your overall results. Therefore, he mastered the drainless tummy tuck.

In this procedure, there is less fluid collection in the body. Thus, leading to a faster and safer recovery.

He has also performed breast augmentation procedures with a 24-hour recovery. He has since used those same techniques for his tummy tucks. With this technique, you can expect less blood and bruising. 

Get to Know Dr. Deuber’s Practice

Dr. Dueber opened his practice in 2001. Now, it is a thriving private facility dedicated to making dreams come true. 

Dr. Dueber also worked at the UT Southwestern Medical Center Parkland Memorial Hospital. He did general surgery for 3 years.

He later became interested in the field of cosmetic surgery. This led to him getting board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

It’s always important to ensure your surgeon is fully certified for all cosmetic procedures. Inadeuqte certifications can lead to infections and even death. Luckily, Dr. Dueber has all the qualifications needed to perform the best tummy tuck in Dallas. 

Let’s Talk Recovery

As stated earlier, Dr. Dueber uses techniques that speed up the post-op recovery. He also cares for his patients by staying overnight overnight with private nurses.

Pain medication is provided but only as needed. Dr. Dueber’s recovery process includes doing small yet effective activities throughout the day. For example, you can make a small dinner, walk outside, or spend time with your children.

These small yet effective activities will keep your spirits high and help your body heal. Once you have your appointment booked, there will be a more thorough discussion on the dos and don’ts.

Get Your Dream Body Today

Summer is only a few months away so don’t wait any longer. Now that you know about the best tummy tuck surgeon in Dallas, you can buy that bikini you’ve been eyeing for a while!

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