When you purchase travel insurance, you’ve got a range of different factors to consider. From choosing the specific features of your plan to organising the date for your insurance to start, it can be complicated to figure things out.

One of the key considerations to make when purchasing travel insurance is whether to go for a monthly or annual plan. The former involves paying a monthly premium for your insurance coverage, whilst the latter requires you to pay for 12 months of coverage upfront.

Neither option is better than the other. The best option for you depends on your unique needs and preferences. It also depends on your upcoming travel plans and general health, as many policies only cover specific travel arrangements and not all travel insurance policies include emergency healthcare coverage.

In this article, we are going to compare monthly to yearly travel insurance, including the key advantages of each, to help you decide which is the most suitable option for you, depending on your travel plans and preferences.

Monthly Travel Insurance

There are several benefits of choosing monthly travel insurance over an annual policy, including the following.

Increased flexibility

Monthly travel insurance offers flexibility compared to annual policies, making it a better option for those who only travel occasionally.

A high degree of flexibility means you can enjoy irregular travel plans without paying for coverage you don’t need in between your journeys. If you only take shorter vacations that rarely (if ever) last more than a month, a monthly or month-by-month plan is more financially viable.

Reduced costs

If your main concern when organising travel insurance is cost, you’re better off going with a monthly plan. This way, you only need to pay for travel insurance coverage during the times of the year that you need it.

Although annual policies cost less than paying for 12 months individually, a month-by-month policy is better if you won’t be travelling all year round. A month-to-month plan means you only pay for what you need, and you can avoid paying for coverage during the months you’re at home.

Infrequent travelling and customizability

If you’re an infrequent traveller, you can benefit more from choosing a month-by-month travel insurance policy over a yearly plan. You can customise your coverage according to each trip you take throughout the course of the year instead of paying for a full 12 months upfront, regardless of when or where you’re travelling.

You can also choose the specifics of your travel insurance coverage for each individual trip you take when you’re purchasing individual month-by-month insurance.

For example, if you would like to have protection for emergency healthcare for just one particular trip throughout the year, you can include emergency travel medical coverage in your chosen insurance policy for that month. If you fall pregnant halfway through the year and have a trip planned in autumn (fall) or winter, you can include maternity coverage as part of your travel insurance policy when you need it.

Yearly Travel Insurance

When choosing an annual travel insurance plan, you can enjoy the following benefits.


Compared with purchasing several individual monthly travel insurance plans, a yearly policy is often much cheaper. It provides ongoing coverage for a full 12 months, meaning you could potentially save money if you’re going to travel away from your relaxing home environment several times within this period.

More convenient

Once you’ve purchased annual travel insurance, you’re covered for the next year, regardless of how many times you travel. This offers convenience and comfort if you’re a frequent traveller, as you won’t need to arrange separate insurance policies for each individual trip.

You can enjoy travel planning without worrying about finding travel insurance. Instead, you can focus on the more fun and exciting aspects of travel, such as finding new cities to explore or organising excursions.

Comprehensive coverage

Annual travel insurance policies tend to be extensive and offer a higher level of coverage than monthly plans. They often include coverage for trip cancellations, luggage protection, and emergency medical care, which can be beneficial when you want maximum protection.

Avoidance of repeat purchases

Unlike month-by-month travel insurance, a yearly policy eliminates the need for you to make repeat purchases throughout the year. If you’re somebody who travels frequently, this can be extremely beneficial and will save you a lot of time and energy.

You won’t need to browse various travel insurance plans every time you want to go somewhere new, as your annual policy will remain active for 12 full months. You will find this particularly advantageous if you like to travel regularly and tend to take multiple trips throughout the course of the year, whether for leisure or business-related matters.