Supporting the environment in a variety of ways has always been important to me, since I was a child. I was always interested in nature, from habitats to wildlife, and ended up pursuing a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies.

Being a busy mom, I don’t always have time to do things outside my regular daily life to help support environmental initiatives. We do a lot at home, including composting, using natural cleaning products, shopping local, conserving energy, and more.

I recently learned about TeamPlanting, a company that supports environmental initiatives through the purchase of their products. Their products support reforestation and habitat restoration, which are great causes that I feel strongly about.

You can check out the TeamPlanting mission here:

{I received product samples in exchange for my honest review}

My #TeamPlanting bracelets arrived in a lovely bag, perfect for gifting. I will be giving one to my friend for her birthday. We have known each other since college, and both pursued science and conservation. As a science teacher, this is a perfect gift for her.

I love the different colors and the natural stones. The unique colors and patterns of both the stones and the beadwork are unique.

I love the turtle charm on this bracelet. We have been to some places where we have been able to swim with sea turtles, and saving habitats is something we think of when we think of sea turtles.

Sea turtle resting at the bottom of the ocean in Mexico

Picture from our trip to the Yucatan, Mexico.

These pieces are so pretty, and it is nice to have something both so lovely and meaningful.

There are lots of other designs available for bracelets. I love the variety, whether you are looking for a particular type of stone or an animal charm. The styles are nice for a multitude of occasions, and would be good for daily wear or a special event.

TeamPlanting also offers other items, including earrings, necklaces, and items for the home.

TeamPlanting is a great initiative to support, whether you purchase items for yourself or friends and family. These make for wonderful conversation pieces, as they can make for productive discussions about supporting reforestation and habitat restoration.

Visit TeamPlanting at