As soon as your children are old enough to start kindergarten, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that they’ve started their journey into education, and as such, will be nurtured and taught everything they need to know to begin to grow and expand their minds. 

Whether your son or daughter is thriving at the best international school in Singapore and is happily completing each homework task with little to no trouble, or else they need additional assistance in one subject or more, it can only benefit them if you try to help them succeed. 

Child working on homework at a desk

With this in mind, here’s a simple guide to helping your kid with their school and homework. 

Encourage Independence 

Firstly, it doesn’t make you an overbearing parent if you always want to be involved with your child’s homework and are always after a detailed review of the topics that they studied at school that day, it simply shows that you’re invested in their education.

However, when you want them to thrive at school, and of course, grow up to be someone who’s eager to learn new things and expand their knowledge, independence is an important thing to encourage

In fact, several studies conducted by various universities and colleges across the US have revealed that, on average, students who are left to organize their own homework schedule are likely to do around 10% better in examinations. 

Provide Additional Learning Resources 

The internet is a fabulous resource for both parents and children to find additional papers, mock tests, and extra information on key school topics, especially websites like the established and expert

These tools can be used in a wide variety of ways, from allowing your child to have a deeper knowledge on a particular subject they’re particularly drawn to, to the obvious benefits in terms of helping them to understand a topic and a providing great way to increase parental engagement in their activities. 

Offer Encouragement at Every Turn 

If you think back to your own experience at school, whether you were an academically high achiever or not, you’ll remember that when you received a gold star on the top of your exercise book or received a special mention by the teacher, you felt proud about a job well done. 

This is why, regardless of how quick a learner your son or daughter is, actively praising them for completing their homework, and more specifically, encouraging them when they finally understand a particular math problem, for example, will go a long way to helping them learn and more importantly, wanting to learn. 

Design a Designated Space for Homework 

Finally, it also becomes important to ensure that there are as few distractions as possible around your children when it comes time to complete their homework, and to encourage this, designating a specific homework space will be beneficial. 

Instead of isolating them in a completely different room, instead find a space within the kitchen, or living room, that will still allow them to connect with you and the other members of your household, and of course, will mean that you’re on hand to help them when they need it.