In this fast-paced era, where you have to manage work and social life equally, you have to be more focused on your dressing. Wearing outfits that can easily transition by adding some accessories and layering can help you achieve the after-hours look for a bar and gathering. A Polo shirt is a simple attire that can be easily styled for office and casual gatherings. With the help of small details, you can easily achieve a look with these men’s polo shirts that can work from boardroom to bar. 

Do not Overdress or Underdress

In office networking, happy hours are not like interviews or corporate meetings, and the strict dress code does not work there, either.

On the other hand, you don’t want to look as if you are totally off the dress code for a business meeting. Still, you also don’t want to make the impression as if you’re about to present an annual financial projection and dance in a discotheque or afternoon picnic. The presentation of a professional image through socializing together in an evening-like atmosphere remains a mystery. But don’t despair!

Boardroom Elegance

If you are not self-assured and act in a way that exhibits a professional demeanor in the boardrooms, you will not be considered for highly esteemed positions. Out of the classic polo tees with muted colors like navy, black, or charcoal grey, select one. 

Shop for superior quality fabrics such as pique cotton or a cotton-polyester candidate that is supposed to bring elegance to play and make sure that your busy day is comfortable. Mix your polo shirt with cutting-edge trousers and a blazer, and you will be totally chic for any business meeting or presentation.

Adding Sophistication

Accessories are among the most significant parts when it comes to discreetly completing your business outfit. Finish a classy look with a leather belt and shined-up dress shoes to accessorize your outfit if you want to add elegance. Stick to simple and sophisticated jewelry, cufflinks, or a watch. The last one can be left for the final touch. Keep in mind that decorating is very important in the boardroom.

Transitioning for After Hours

When the workday is finally over, and it’s time to move on to after-work drinks with co-workers or friends, this is the moment to snag everyone’s attention with a sudden style shift that just follows up so effortlessly. Toss the blazer to your side and loosen up your style just a bit by unbuttoning a few buttons of the polo shirt to give you the laid-back vibe you are looking for. Test your audacity with vivid colors or the amusement of some bold patterns to see the end result in your evening dress.

Statement Accessories

If you are wondering how to switch your boardroom style to the party style, be brave to use your accessories to make a noticeable statement. A leather belt gives you the way to experiment with embellished buckles or a refreshing pop of color like a vibrant pocket square. Balance the simplicity of a solid-colored t-shirt by adding a more feminine touch with a lightweight cardigan or a stylish bomber jacket to your outfit.

Confidence is Key

Whether it is your home, office, school, or the local grocery store, confidence is the no. 1 accessory you cannot live without. Carry your style confidently and with style, knowing that you’ve sewn and stitched all the threads of your transition from the boardroom to the bar.

Versatile Layering Options

T-shirts would also undoubtedly make an excellent foundation for a casual look and are among the options for layering. Add an overcoat with a sweater or a classic pullover for chilly nights as a layering. The knitted beanie adds a new dimension to your look while ensuring you are still warm without losing style points. Layering can enhance the look of any event, so pair a nice jacket or coat that can go for formal and casual events. 

Experiment with Textures

The texture should be added to your look if you want to add visual interest to your look. Wear your polo shirts with either a textured blazer or a suede jacket. Both can be pulled off with the same effect but in a more sophisticated and casual way. Combining textures will create an exciting outfit and show you are a person who also looks at those minor details.

Timeless Style

By investing in timeless polo shirt designs that are never out of fashion, you will be able to maintain a classic and evergreen look. The color white can be made chic with a bit of polish, black is an option that can be worn for any occasion, and sapphire blue is very versatile in style choices. Quality materials and expert craftsmanship will go a long way in creating a long-lasting and tough closet.