In today’s competitive and fast-changing business landscape, associations always search for effective membership retention strategies and innovations to deepen their connection with members and stay relevant in business. One great and affordable solution is using custom, branded mobile apps. These apps offer many advantages, notably boosting activity levels and strengthening membership ties across various business scenarios. 

In fact, AppMySite claims that 85% of shoppers prefer apps to sites. But why and how do they help? Read on to find out more.

1. More Member Participation

Branded apps give association team members an easy way to find helpful information, resources, and connect. Through these apps, members can quickly see meeting times, sign up for events, access membership directories, and talk to each other through messages or discussion forums. Connecting this way any time helps members feel a valued part of the association’s community and want to keep supporting the association. The result is massive for the success of the association.

2. Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Associations often give lessons and coaching programs for their members. With a branded application, conveying all these programs becomes relatively easy as the app makes it possible to deliver information directly to individuals’ cell phones, making the information more accessible and engaging. Applications can likewise offer interactive features such as quizzes, games, and simulations, enhancing the learning experience. Additionally, push notices can alert individuals about upcoming webinars, workshops, or courses they may be keen on.

3. Gathering and Examining Data

Branded apps gather crucial data on users’ actions, likes, and in-app activities. This data helps enhance the user’s interaction and fine-tune app content to make it better for users. Additionally, the collected data is a powerful tool for associations as it lets them understand member needs and actions. This knowledge fuels smart decision-making about plans, marketing, and programs. And with better decisions, growing as an association is a breeze. 

4. Streamlined Communication

The association’s branded mobile application can be a central hub for connecting with members. Push notifications enable instant updates about news, announcements, or timely information. The app may also feature an integrated email system, allowing members to contact each other or staff without interruption. Furthermore, chatbots within the app can answer usual questions from users, liberating staff time and boosting response speeds.

5. Sponsorship Opportunities

Branded mobile applications provide associations with distinctive sponsorship opportunities for corporate partners. Companies can financially back specific areas or capabilities within the app, allowing for focused publicity to applicable users. For example, a tech company may support the training portion of a software­ and IT association’s mobile app, highlighting their most recent goods and services. These collaborations generate income for the association and bolster bonds with essential industry contacts.

6. Improved Event Management

Associations can greatly benefit from using customized mobile applications to manage­ events more effectively. Attendees can create customized schedules on the app for conferences, seminars, or trade shows to decide which sessions they want to attend. The app also allows attendees to view interactive maps of the venue to easily navigate­ between rooms and locations. 

After the event, the organizers can analyze valuable­ usage data and feedback collected through the app. This includes metrics like session attendance­ patterns, most popular workshops, and areas that need possible improvements for future events. The analytics help event planners enhance attendee­ experience­ and satisfaction levels at subsequent conferences.

7. Competitive Advantage

While many associations have not yet embraced the technology of custom mobile apps, developing a thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use branded app can provide a competitive edge. Such an app shows an innovative spirit and dedication to enhancing how members engage with the organization above­ rivals who have not adopted this digital solution. It positions the association as forward-thinking leaders within their industry, which can make them command greater brand authority and recognition.

8. Saving Cash in the Long Run

Yes, building a unique app will cost money upfront. But, in the long run, it can save you money. How? Think about all the paper you won’t use because brochures or flyers are now on the app. 

And don’t forget the time. Staff members won’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly because of a chatbot on the app. Last cool thing? More people stick around, meaning you don’t have to spend as much trying to get new members. 


So there you have it – the various ways branded apps can benefit your association. With this information, it’s straightforward why you need it soon in your business. That soon is now – place your order for a custom-branded app and enjoy many other benefits. Visit the MobileUp platform to get started.