Shopping for underwear online in Sri Lanka has become increasingly popular thanks to the convenience and variety it offers. However, with so many options and not being able to try on items, finding well-fitting, good quality underwear that suits your needs can be tricky. Follow these 8 tips to buy underwear online Sri Lanka like a breeze.

1. Know Your Size

The most important thing is to know your measurements so you can find underwear that fits properly. Measure around the fullest part of your bust, waist, and hips, and refer to individual store size charts to find your band size for bras and your size range in intimates or boxers according to international or UK sizes. 

2. Focus on Fabric 

Pay attention to the fabric composition, considering factors like breathability, stretch, and softness based on when and how you plan to wear the underwear, such as for going to the office or for a workout. Natural fibers like cotton are breathable while microfiber stretch lace provides flexible support, for example. Avoid cheap synthetic blends that may be irritating.

3. Read Reviews  

Reading online customer reviews provides useful insight into the fit, comfort, quality and accuracy of sizing for underwear from Sri Lankan e-commerce shops. This helps determine if the item runs small or large compared to the chart to guide your ideal size selection before purchasing.

4. Comparison Shop 

Browse and compare prices and quality across various Sri Lankan online shops carrying international underwear brands. Sites like, and allow filtering by fabric, style, size and price to compare. Signing up for newsletters also helps grab discounts and sale alerts.

5. Find Multipacks

Many online shops offer underwear multipacks that allow purchasing several pairs or pieces simultaneously, which can bring down the per item cost. This is perfect for stocking up necessities like casual boxer briefs, sports bras or comfy cotton bikinis.  

6. Check Return Policies

Before ordering, understand seller return and exchange policies in case of issues with sizing, defects or just not liking the look or feel after trying it at home. Many shops offer hassle-free returns by courier within a few weeks while some may only allow exchange for a different size or product.  

7. Consider Lingerie Extras

When shopping for special lingerie like lace bra and panty sets or bodysuits, check that any optional extras like removable garters or adjustable straps are included in the listing description to get that full alluring look. Also look for pieces sold together for easy coordinated outfits.

8. Mind the Models

Pay attention to how a particular style and size of bra, panties or lingerie appears on the model to get an idea of how it may fit on your own body type. This also helps accurately judge coverage and appearance aspects that relate to modesty based on your personal preferences.

Conclusion : 

Shopping for intimates and undergarments online offers Sri Lankan shoppers outstanding convenience combined with global brand variety and pricing competitiveness. By keeping your specific fit numbers, style preferences, quality standards and budget expectations clear from the start, you can filter countless listings down to your perfect match underwear for any need.