Are you worried that your skin is aging faster than your mind and body? 

Many things can contribute to rough, irritated, and dry skin. Whether you struggle to drink water, sunbathe, or exfoliate too often, it’s not too late to make a change. If you want smoother skin and fewer issues, you should consider updating your daily skincare routine. 

Check out some of the most effective strategies you can implement daily for smoother skin! 

1. Wipe Your Face with Witch Hazel

Witch hazel sounds like a magic potion; once you start using it, you will notice its power. 

If you want to get smoother skin, try wiping your face with witch hazel before going to bed. Witch hazel is a liquid astringent that helps relieve inflammation and can kill bacteria. If you have rough, bumpy skin, this solution can soothe your pores and remove impurities. 

Many people use witch hazel as a toner because it helps balance pH levels. With healthier pores, your skin can develop a strong moisture barrier and prevent dehydration. 

2. Drink Your Daily Dose of Water

There’s no way to get flawless skin without drinking enough water. 

Before your skin can benefit from frequent drinks of water, it must replenish you from the inside first. Whether you buy a large bottle, track glasses with ticks, or set reminders, you don’t want to miss out on refreshing beverages. Adding lemon and honey can make your water more enjoyable and even contribute to softer skin. 

Drinking plenty of water will help your pores and skin cells free themselves from radicals. You’ll quickly see results and notice other improvements in your body. 

3. Apply SPF

If you don’t apply sun protection, your skin will show signs of aging more rapidly. 

SPF and UV-protection clothing are your best defenses against the sun. With the risk of solar flares increasing and summer around the corner, you don’t want to sunbathe for a short tan and long-term effects. Protecting your skin will prevent dehydration and damaged pores, which can lead to wrinkles and bumps. 

The body is constantly regenerating cells and producing new collagen. Sunscreen will give your body the chance to restore itself and create a smoother surface. 

4. Dive into Korean Skincare 

Many people look to Asian cultures when it comes to obtaining beautiful skin.

Korean skincare routines include most of your normal steps, but there are a few additional ones. Bee venom, volcanic ash, and even snail slime are used in Korean serums since they come with many benefits. These unique ingredients help soothe skin and nourish cells, so you always have a fresh appearance.  

Although Korean skincare routines may take some extra time, they are worth the work. If you’re having a bad reaction, you might want to consider skipping exfoliation every couple of days. Sheet masks, toners, and essence will help hydrate the pores after dead skin cells get washed away. 

5. Find the Right Moisturizer 

Creams might seem like they could lead to smoother skin, but they are more likely to lead to breakouts.

If you want to avoid pimples and bumps, you need a gentle moisturizer likeĀ Physiogel moisturizer. Thin moisturizers allow pores to get better access to air, so they can stay clean enough to minimize their appearance. Enriched and daily moisturizing lotions are best for all skin types, but you need to pay attention to the ingredients on the label.

Cocoa butter, coconut oil, and oat extract are some of the more soothing items. If you see chemicals or unfamiliar words, you should opt for something more natural. 

6. Turn the Heat Down in the Shower 

One of the most common reasons people don’t have smooth skin is that they take hot showers.

Sitting under steaming water might seem relaxing, but it could be hindering your skincare routine. When water gets too hot, it damages skin cells and dries out the skin. Cooler temperatures help your pores lock in moisture without enlarging. 

If you can’t skip the hot water, make changes at the end of your shower routine. Turn the temperature down once you start washing out your conditioner to lock in moisture in your skin and hair! 

7. Sip on Tea

Coffee might be refreshing, but if you want better skin, you should choose tea.

Teas contain a variety of antioxidants and nutrients. Not only is the beverage soothing to your throat and taste buds, but it also has other benefits. The water helps hydrate your skin from the bottom layers and you’ll notice improvements after a few cups.

Before you go to bed, sip on some warm tea and let your skin absorb the benefit while you rest. Not only is tea great for hydration, but it can also offer a free facial steamer! Chamomile, peppermint, and green tea (including decaf) are recommended if you want an enjoyable drink. 

8. Keep Your Hands Away 

If you’ve got a habit of picking at or rubbing your face, you need to keep your hands away.

The more you touch your face and pick at pores, the more damage you will cause. Scars, acne, and dry skin will prevent you from getting flawless skin, but luckily, they all fade with time. Pay attention to triggers that make you touch your face and try to find coping mechanisms. 

Since your hands and fingers aren’t always clean, they spread bacteria and oils. When pores get clogged, they create an uneven surface. Another reason to keep your hands away is to prevent allergic reactions and wrinkles. 

Achieve Smoother Skin & a Boost of Confidence 

A small error could damage your pores, but many methods can contribute to healthier and smoother skin.  

You don’t have to spend hours at a salon to get glowing skin when you change your beauty routine. From the start to the end of the day, you can take small steps toward improving your skin. When you take care of your body and pores, you will quickly notice a difference in the mirror.  

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