Hip cafes, arts groups, and renovated industrial warehouses give Bushwick a Williamsburg-like atmosphere. It is not surprising that many people are looking for room for rent Bushwick because there is definitely something to do in this area. While some areas around the Burgh have undergone gentrification, others have retained a distinctive Bushwick feel. Formerly known as the “Brewing Capital of the United States” (in the late 1800s, Nabe was home to more than 50 breweries), Bushwick’s love of beer is still a defining feature, visible in the local pubs, tiki taverns, and designer bars scattered throughout the area. If beer isn’t your thing, Bushwick also has a wide selection. 

Kings County Brewers Collective

Every square foot may be at a premium in Brooklyn, but KCBC has successfully created a 5,000-foot, 15-barrel brewery located right next to the Jefferson L stop in Bushwick. According to KCBC brewing trio Tony Bellis, Pete Lengyel, and Zach Kinney, it’s “the first traditional brewery in the area in more than 40 years,” despite Bushwick’s long history as a brewing hub. Regardless of the history, today, visitors can visit the Troutman Street Tavern and enjoy 12 beers on tap.

Le Garage

Eating on a budget is easy to find in Bushwick, with bodegas, sliced pizza, and burrito joints on every corner. However, if you want to please your partner with a quality dinner, you should visit Le Garage on Suydam Street. This cozy restaurant is owned and operated by mother and daughter Rachel and Catherine Olswang. Rachel, with a background in interior design, has brought sophisticated Art Deco décor to Le Garage. At the same time, Catherine, who was born in Normandy and has managed restaurants in San Francisco and Paris, offers a short but sophisticated neo-bistro French menu style. Among the several options on the menu, the highlight is the organic chicken for two, served with thyme mashed potatoes and garlic confit.

Sey Coffee

In Brooklyn, if they use Dunkin’ in Boston, they prefer craft coffee shops that become a real hit on Instagram. Sey, with its industrial, spacious interior and abundant greenery, is a favorite of those working from home in Bushwick. However, it’s not just the stylish, magazine-photo shoot-worthy interiors that attract visitors—all Sey beans are sustainably and ethically sourced, using regional blends from Colombia and Ethiopia. If you need even more satisfaction, you can subscribe to a monthly coffee delivery with recommendations for the perfect cup.


Bushwick may be famous for its pristine dive bars and converted warehouse clubs, but it’s also home to places where cutting-edge design concepts reign supreme. One such establishment is Gemelli, a brand new Mediterranean-Italian restaurant from Dan Cipriani (of Sea Wolf fame in Bushwick) designed by Lorraine Kirk (yes, Jemima Kirk’s mom). The bar and rooftop interior is decorated in bold shades of turquoise and jade, with geometric wood beams and concrete slats. For those who aren’t ready to call it a night after a few courses (such as spicy shrimp, marinated olives, and grilled fig salad) and cocktails, it is recommended to visit the adjacent restaurant, The Ledge, the second part of the Cipriani complex. Decorated in Pepto-Bismol pink, this cozy bar and restaurant offers more casual dining and evening drinks.

Friends NYC

Bushwick residents enjoy immersing themselves in the vintage shopping atmosphere, and Friends NYC is just one of the “independent department stores” that reflects the area’s passion. The 2,200-square-foot store is the creation of best friend duo Mary Meyer and Emma Kadar-Penner. They filled their basement with antiques and new items from local makers like Brooklyn Candle Studio, Floss Gloss, and Lila Rice. Whether you’re looking for a plaid shirtdress, a sage stick, dainty shot glass rings, or have an extra $20 burning a hole in your pocket, this store is worth a visit. 

Brooklyn Cider House

In 2014, Peter Yee was a wine buyer, and his sister Susan was a teacher. However, after a trip to a cider production site in the Basque Country in northern Spain, they decided to change their lives: leave their regular classes, study the art of apple winemaking, and create their own cider workshop in Brooklyn. Today, the siblings operate a 200-acre farm in the Hudson Valley, including a cider brewery, tasting room, farm store, and pavilion, and a rustic brasserie in Bushwick. When you visit, you can enjoy dry and sour cider served straight from the barrel, paired with New American menu items like Applewood Bacon Cheeseburgers and carefully curated tacos.