There are many challenges that you face when you become a parent. One that many people are not prepared for is the sheer amount of clutter that will fill your house! All of a sudden, your house will become filled with toys, clothes, shoes, and all kinds of other items (and even more cluttered if you have multiple kids!). A cluttered house is a chaotic one, so what can you do as a parent to get on top of your child’s clutter?


First, you should declutter. You will find that as your children age and grow, they will not need many of the items that they needed, even just a few months ago. Decluttering will free up space and make keeping on top of everything much easier. You could donate items to a parent of a younger child or sell items online to make some extra cash. 

Give Everything a Home

You should also make sure that everything has a home. It is easy for spaces to become messy and cluttered when there is not a designated space for each item, so think about where the best place is for specific items. This will also make it much easier to find everything while keeping areas clear. 

Use Smart Storage Solutions

You also need to utilise smart storage solutions to keep each room of the house organised and free from clutter. You will want to make use of awkward spaces you have in the home, such as over-bed wardrobes. If you struggle for floor space as most do, then over-bed storage is an excellent space-saving option that will improve storage and help you keep the bedroom neat and organised. 

Adopt a One-In-One-Out Rule

When you have kids, your house can quickly get filled with all kinds of items. Therefore, it is wise to adopt a one-in-one-out rule. This means that every time you buy something new, such as a toy, you get rid of an old one. This should stop your house from filling up with old items and help you stay organised.

Teach Your Kids to Tidy Up

Part of the reason why the home gets so messy and chaotic so quickly is that kids do not tidy up after themselves. Therefore, you should teach them to do this from a young age and turn it into a fun game or challenge. Not only is this helpful for keeping the house organised, but it also develops an important life skill and responsibility. 

Hopefully, the advice in this post will prove to be useful. When you have kids, it is very easy for your house to turn into a messy, chaotic, and unorganised space – this can affect your life at home and even your wellbeing. Therefore, it is important to manage your kids’ clutter and keep your home organised.