Are you sick of looking back at photos or in the mirror and seeing discoloration? 

Red, gray, and green complexions can impact your confidence, and many people cover it up with makeup. Unfortunately, concealing the issue can worsen the problem and cause long-term skin damage. If you want to improve your skin and get an even tone, there are effective strategies to try.

Absorb the tips below and try them out to see positive results in the mirror. 

1. Identify Your Type of Skin

Your skin texture plays a big role in how you should tackle your skincare routine.

If you want to improve your skin complexion, you must identify what you are dealing with so you don’t worsen symptoms. Sensitive, mature, and oily skin are the most notorious types that cause discoloration and prevent even skin tone. 

Look for products that don’t irritate or dry out your pores, as these can lead to inflammation. Whenever you see red- inflammation is likely to be blamed since the pores are sensitive. 

2. Apply SPF 

Do you include sun protection in your daily skincare routine? 

Exposure to UV rays might create a sunkissed look, but it can increase your melanin levels too much. Wearing SPF can help you get an even tone since your pigmentation will be protected. Sitting in the sun for too long can make pores and skin look patchy and impact blood vessels. 

3. Balance Hormones 

Not only does balancing your hormones improve your mood and body, but it can also benefit your skin! 

Testosterone, for example, stimulates melanin and must be present to prevent discoloration. If you’re interested in using supplements, take a look at this testosterone comparison guide. Estrogen and progesterone also play a critical role in skin complexion, so you don’t have to rely on microneedling. 

When exploring beneficial supplements for overall well-being, herbal supplements for women can be a valuable addition to your routine, along with vitamin C. Addressing surface-level concerns regarding your skin’s appearance is crucial, but it’s equally important to target and resolve the hidden problems beneath.

4. Stay Hydrated 

Iced coffee and boba tea might be liquids, but they’ll never replace water.

Staying hydrated is key to improving your skin’s appearance and preventing discoloration. When your pores are nourished, they can better defend themselves from UV rays and pollution. These issues often contribute to discoloration and can even make your skin look dull. 

Water increases elasticity in the skin and promotes faster recovery when pores are damaged. Get in the habit of drinking at least eight cups of water a day and eating foods with high water content. 

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

Although you don’t want to over-exfoliate, it should be in your routine.

Every couple of days, apply a gentle exfoliator to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation can even your tone, but too much abrasion can make your face red. Apply your exfoliator gently and wash it with warm water. 

Find Confidence with an Even Tone 

When it comes to getting an even tone, you don’t have to rely on concealers and foundations. 

You can improve your skin’s texture and appearance with a few steps and avoid discoloration. Unbalanced hormones and dehydration can cause irritation and red skin, but you don’t want to overlook the threats of the sun. 

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