Men’s grooming and self-care is finally making its way into discussion. And it’s for good reason. While skincare is certainly a focus, sometimes we forget that taking care of the facial hair has a direct impact on the skin underneath.

This is why using beard oils and balms is so important. But much like women’s haircare, it is easy to confuse products. Plus, adding new facial products can be fun, such as finding the best smelling mustache wax. Let’s discuss what they are and when you should use them!

The Importance of Facial Hair Grooming

Without proper washing and conditioning of our facial hair, it can lead to a number of issues both with the hair and skin. Let’s name a few.  

  • Overproduction of sebum leads to greasy hair and greasy skin underneath. This can clog pores and cause breakouts. 
  • Dry and brittle hair that is not moisturized can lead to brittle, dry, and damaged facial hair. It can also lead to flaky skin and even dandruff. 

This is wear adding certain facial products can make a big difference. 

What is Beard Oil?

A quality beard oil will bring nourishment and moisture to both the skin underneath the beard and the facial hair itself. It’s important to moisturize the skin as well because this is where the hair follicle stems from. Growing healthy at the start of the base is what sets the beard up for healthy growth. 

Beard oils are light in texture and filled with nutrients. They also provide necessary minerals and vitamins to strengthen already grown-out beard hair. 

Key Functions:

  • Aside from moisturizing the hair, the beard oil should also soften brittle hair and condition the strands from the inner layer to the outer.
  • By aiding with proper nutrition and absorption, beard oil can aid with growth and circulation to the area when
  • Certain beard oils that have natural scents can provide a nice aroma. Be sure it doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances, which can cause irritation. 

Understanding that this is what a beard oil should do is one task. Knowing how to use it is another. Beard oil should be applied as frequently as you need it. For dryer beards, you should use beard il a few times a week 

A few drops will do and can be used overnight for ultimate hydration. This is similar to how hair oil is used. However, beard oil is a good multitasker. It can always be a lightweight option after a wash to add extra moisture before styling. 

What are Beard Balms?

Beard balms are slightly different han beard oils because it’s naturally a thicker solution. While there is some crossover in the benefits, there are a few differences that separate beard balms into their own class. 

Key Functions:

  • Beard balms often contain beeswax, which makes it easy to shape and style facial hair. This is particularly helpful for longer facial hair styles. 
  • Unruly hair often leaves beards with tons of flyways. A tussled look can be popular if it’s managed right. This is where taming the flyaways can be helpful. 
  • Shea butter is a popular ingredient that contributes to extra conditioning. This is why it is the perfect multitasker 

Beard balms are thick and can go a long way with just a little product. Overusing the product can leave toa greasier look. The difference between beard oil and beard balm is that beard balms are meant for an immediate fix.  Beard oil can be used as an immediate fix and a longer solution to treat dry hair and skin. Consider applying beard balm each time you style it. 

Interchangeable and a Dynamic Duo

Beard oils and beard balms are often a great solution for dry and brittle hair. Sometimes they’re best used interchangeably depending on the type of beard hair you are working with. But they can also complement each other very well. 

Beard oils can be used at night as a last step in your skincare routine. Beard balms can be used every morning before styling and getting ready for the day. Just remember that the important thing is to use high-quality products. A good product will consistently provide instant and long-term benefits. Low quality will cause more damage. Take your time when choosing your products.