For busy parents, finding the right balance between managing home responsibilities, work demands, and personal care can feel like a never-ending struggle. For single parents, this challenge is often multiplied as they juggle the dual roles of breadwinner and primary caregiver without the support of a partner. 

Finding practical and cost-effective living arrangements can make a significant difference. Renting a spare room, rather than an entire house or apartment, is a new, more affordable solution that offers both financial and social benefits. With such an increase in room rental demands, roommate matching websites like SpareRoom are paving the way for parents to find a living situation that works for them.

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What Is Renting a Room?

Renting a room is exactly what it says – it’s where a person rents a single room within a larger property rather than the whole house or apartment. This arrangement typically includes shared common areas such as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom with other occupants of the house or apartment. This could be a live-in landlord or even another single parent.

This type of renting is a popular choice for those looking to save on living expenses, which is what makes it particularly appealing to students, young professionals, and those seeking flexible living arrangements.

The Financial Upside

Single parenting comes with a whole host of financial responsibilities. There are school fees, groceries, medical expenses, and countless other costs that add up quickly. Renting a house or an apartment can be eye-wateringly expensive, especially when considering the additional costs of utilities and house maintenance. 

However, a spare room often comes at a fraction of the cost. This reduction in living expenses can free up funds for other essential needs, such as education, healthcare, or even a well-deserved family vacation.

Getting Social

Beyond finances, renting a spare room also offers a social dimension that can be beneficial for both parents and children. Living in a shared space often means becoming part of a community. For children, this can translate into more interactions with others and opportunities to develop social skills. 

For parents, having other adults in the house can offer a sense of companionship and support, which is invaluable for those who are single-handedly managing the complexities of parenthood.

Shared Responsibilities

Sharing a living space means sharing responsibilities. This can be a great relief for busy parents who struggle to find time for chores like cleaning, cooking, or even simple maintenance tasks. In a shared living arrangement, these duties can be divided, which eases the burden on parents. 

Additionally, it may even be possible to share childcare responsibilities with trusted housemates, such as babysitting or even the school run.

Safety and Security

Safety is a huge concern for parents, let alone single parents, who might often feel vulnerable without a partner to share the burden with. Living with others you trust can provide an added layer of security. There’s the comfort of knowing someone else is around, which can be reassuring both when you’re home and when you’re away. This sense of security is particularly comforting in times of emergency or unexpected situations, which are bound to crop up when you have children.

Convenience and Stability

For many single parents, life is a series of planned schedules and routines. If you’re apprehensive about whether a spare room offers stability, rest assured that many landlords offer long-term contracts, just as they would if you were living in a house or apartment. 

Furthermore, many spare rooms are already furnished, which reduces the hassle and expense of buying and moving furniture.

SpareRoom: Finding the Perfect Living Situation

Platforms like SpareRoom are a godsend. SpareRoom is more than just a roommate matching platform; it’s a tool that connects people with similar lifestyles and needs. This gives busy parents the ability to find housemates who are understanding and supportive of the challenges that come with parenting. With rooms located all over the US, you can search for living spaces in family-friendly neighborhoods or find housemates who are comfortable living with children.

With features like these, SpareRoom simplifies the search for a suitable living situation, providing peace of mind.


Renting a spare room can be a game-changer for busy parents, especially single parents. It offers financial relief, social benefits, shared responsibilities, safety, and flexibility. Platforms like SpareRoom are at the forefront of this revolution, making it easier for parents to find a living situation that suits their unique needs.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern parenting, solutions like renting a spare room represent a beacon of hope and practicality. They acknowledge the challenges faced by busy parents and offer tangible, effective solutions. In doing so, they not only ease the burden of parenting but also open up opportunities for a more balanced, fulfilling life.