While the magical lights can appear anywhere, certain areas provide front-row seats when the show begins. Peaceful countryside locations lacking city lights allow clearer views of the colorful performance overhead. Below, you’ll find prime locations to witness this celestial dance across Iceland’s night sky during your luxury European vacation or European travel package.

North and Northeast Iceland  

With sparse light pollution from big cities, Iceland’s northern and northeastern regions provide perfect backdrops. Quaint fishing towns and coastal areas like Akureyri, Lake Myvatn, and Husavik allow dazzling mountain or ocean views when the auroras ignite. Some hotels in these areas even offer wake-up calls when the sky comes alive, ensuring you won’t miss the action during your Icelandic trip or European vacation.

South and Southeast Iceland  

Traveling along South Iceland’s Ring Road, you’ll encounter sights such as the icy Vatnajökull glacier glistening under the dancing lights of the aurora. After awing at mountains and massive ice tongues, enjoy geothermal lagoons at the Blue Lagoon during the day. Anticipate nature’s colorful and shimmering show overhead at night during your Iceland luxury tour or European trip.

Reykjavik Capital Area  

Though city lights dim the splendor, glimpses can still be caught around Reykjavik. Scale vantage points like Perlan Museum Hill facing away from town. Or embark on a twilight cruise and sail into darker waters where visibility improves for a private viewing of the auroras on your Iceland vacation package or European luxury tour.

West Iceland and Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Peaceful farmlands and the glacier-capped Snæfellsnes Peninsula offer intimate shows. Watch in wonder as the mysterious auroras perform over legendary places like Kirkjufell mountain, thundering waterfalls, lava fields, volcanic craters, and black sand beaches under the Milky Way galaxy’s dazzling expanse.

Ideas to Boost Your Aurora Spotting 

There’s no guarantee of catching the aurora. But by heading to ideal dark-sky locations and going on tours, you can maximize your chances during an Icelandic European vacation. Consider these activities to hunt the evasive lights:

  1. Northern Lights Tours – Join expert guides in super jeeps who monitor weather and solar activity. They’ll take you to remote areas primed for displays happening overhead on your luxury European tours.
  1. Snowmobile Excursions – Zoom across the tundra and ice fields at night with guides to stop at prime lookout points when activity spikes during your Icelandic luxury European trip.  
  1. Horseback Rides – Saddle up an Icelandic horse for a unique ride across the valley at night. Keep your eyes peeled for bursts of colorful auroras above on your European tour.
  1. Boat Tours – Sail out into the North Atlantic with fewer obstructions and light pollution. You’ll have a 360-degree view to catch auroras shimmering from any direction on your luxury European vacation.
  1. Ice Cave Visits – Descend into an insane glacier ice cave by day. If you’re lucky, the northern lights may show as you emerge from the frozen wonder at night on your Icelandic European tour.

Aurora Accommodations

To make the most of luxury northern lights vacations in Iceland, stay at unique properties situated away from urban glare. Many cater to Aurora hunters with special features and alerts. Consider these lodging options:

  1. Remote Wilderness Lodges – Rustic and elegant wilderness retreats situated deep in nature for front-row night sky views featuring floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll sleep under the stars and may catch auroras without even getting out of bed! 
  1. Glass Igloos – See the celestial show from inside your private glass igloo with windows on the roof. Few accommodations feel more magical than witnessing the northern lights dance by as you snuggle under the covers.
  1. Geo-Thermal Bubble Hotels – Relax in a heated, transparent inflatable dome or bubble out on a field as the colors shimmer and swirl overhead. Combining luxury with nature, it’s a one-of-a-kind way to experience the northern lights.
  1. Mountain Cabins – Cozy mountainside cabins situated near Iceland’s interior highlands offer perfect peace and seclusion. You can sit on an Adirondack chair with a steaming cup of cocoa in hand as the magical auroras burst through the night.

When to See the Northern Lights 

To catch the multi-colored performance, planning your Iceland luxury European vacation during months of extended darkness increases the odds. Peak northern lights season goes from September through mid-April. Statistically March, April, and October tend to be the most active months for vivid, dancing displays overhead. But with patience and strategic viewing, You might be dazzled on any clear night during the darker months.

Aurora Forecasts

Monitoring daily aurora forecasts can simplify trip planning. The Icelandic Meteorological Office issues forecasts on cloud cover and northern lights probability accessible online for free. Green indicates likely visible auroras, yellow suggests possible sightings, and red indicates unlikeliness. Apps like My Aurora Forecast & Alerts also send notifications if activity spikes in your area so you won’t miss the action. 

Tips for Spotting Auroras

To successfully hunt for auroras, you need to go to less populated areas on clear, cloudless nights, position yourself away from light pollution, and exercise patience. Look at the table below that shows the best months to sight aurora in Iceland:

Follow these tips to master the art of northern lights chasing on your luxury European vacation:

  • Confirm the night sky is clear and cloudless even if cold
  • Allow up to 30 minutes for eyes to adjust to complete darkness  
  • Face north and position yourself with a vast view of the Arctic sky  
  • Avoid looking directly at any moonlight which can make auroras harder to see
  • Dress very warmly even if simply gazing from an outdoor balcony 
  • Photographing the auroras takes testing and patience – use a tripod and manual camera settings for best results
  • Escape areas with excessive light like Reykjavik and the Reykjanes peninsula when possible 

Above all, witnessing the magical northern lights requires a stroke of luck and perfect timing. Not witnessing them doesn’t mean your luxury vacation won’t be special without an appearance. Iceland offers a wealth of glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, fjords, and lively northern culture to discover. But catching even a quick shimmer of green glow stretching across the heavens will surely make any trip to this winter wonderland even more magical.

Iceland Aurora Tours 

For travelers not renting a car, joining guided Northern Lights excursions eliminates hassles and maximizes sighting potential. Knowledgeable local guides choose optimal locations each night and provide history about Icelandic culture and the science behind the celestial showcase too. 

Groups travel in super jeep 4×4 vehicles to reach more remote terrain. Tours typically last 2 to 5 hours for maximum viewing time and run from September through April when the odds are highest. Check tour company cancellation policies in case of poor visibility or weather.

Conclusion – Catch the Magic!

As Iceland’s popularity as a luxury European destination grows, more tours, hotels, and activities are focusing on the natural beauty and phenomena that draw visitors. The magical Northern Lights will continue to be a main attraction, with tour companies offering premium viewing experiences. 

For those seeking luxury, Iceland offers stunning landscapes, world-class dining and accommodations, and memorable opportunities to experience nature’s dazzling light show in unforgettable ways. Though new offerings may come and go, Iceland’s fairytale charm and the ethereal beauty of the Aurora Borealis remain timeless.


When is the best time to witness the Northern Lights in Iceland?

The lights happen from September to April, but peak in December and January around the winter solstice. That’s the best time to catch them.  

How can I easily book quality hotels and tours?

Book early, especially for popular times. Work with an experienced travel agent used to arranging top-notch trips. Check policies in case you need to change dates later. 

What safety precautions should I take during adventures?

Pick licensed tour guides. Follow all their rules. Make sure to wear any gear they provide properly. Tell them about any health issues you have. Check your insurance works for the activity. Being prepared avoids problems!