If you have an upcoming project that requires lifting or moving heavy, awkward, or tall loads, boom truck rentals may be the ideal solution. Unlike a standard crane, boom trucks are truck-mounted, giving them mobility to access jobsites and maneuver into position. Their telescoping booms allow vertical and horizontal reach to place loads precisely where needed. Consider renting a boom truck for these types of projects. 

Installing Commercial Signage

Mounting signs on the exterior of commercial buildings often requires working at heights while managing unwieldy loads. Renting a bucket truck allows your sign installation crew to lift materials and workers up to elevation efficiently. The stable base provided by the truck chassis makes this aerial platform more stable than using a ladder or scaffolding.

Hoisting HVAC Equipment Onto Rooftops

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential for modern buildings. However, the size and weight of commercial HVAC components makes rooftop installation challenging. A boom truck rental gives your team the overhead lift capacity to safely raise units like fans, condensers, evaporators, huge ductwork, and chiller modules.

Erecting Cell Phone Towers

From parts of the tower framework to wiring and antennas, assembling modern cell phone towers demands vertical reach. Cell tower components are also heavy. Boom truck rentals provide the extension height plus stabilizing outriggers, so technicians can guide loads upward with control.

Setting Electrical Utility Infrastructure

Powering communities requires competent electrical distribution service providers. But hauling and setting electrical equipment like transformers and poles by hand is inefficient and dangerous. Boom truck rentals offer the platform to simplify transporting and installing assets anywhere along the grid.

Placing Roof Trusses

Spanning a home or building’s roof requires precisely positioned, steeply pitched trusses. Trying to muscle these wooden structural members into place by ladder risks catastrophe. The high-reach capability, rotational range and gentle load placement boom trucks afford is a safer choice over makeshift alternatives.

Pruning Tall Trees

While regular pruning maintains tree health, trimming mature tree canopies is challenging. With bucket truck rentals, arborists can elevate themselves and their gear directly into otherwise hard-to-access pruning positions. Boom trucks save manned climbing time and prevent harming trees with rigging apparatus.

Cleaning Multi-Story Buildings

Keeping the exterior of tall structures clean is important but difficult without the right equipment. Boom truck rentals allow washing crews to spray down windows, ledges, and building faces previously beyond short-reach tools. Maneuverability and vertical extension opens the highest exterior surfaces to pressure washing and scrubbing.

Painting Water Towers

Elevated water storage tanks require regular maintenance painting for appearance and corrosion resistance. However, safely applying fresh protective coatings by hand along vertical tanks and spherical towers is nearly impossible. Boom truck rentals offer a stable aerial work platform for painters to spray paint high water tanks without dangerous rigging.

Renting a boom truck provides an OSHA-compliant aerial work platform tailored to projects requiring high vertical reach or careful load placement. Don’t risk injury or property damage jerry-rigging inadequate equipment. For demanding overhead lifting jobs, proper boom truck rentals offer the safest solution.