If you’re looking to enhance your hair color or add sunkissed highlights, balayage is an excellent technique that can create a soft, natural-looking effect. But finding the right balayage hair experts like BeckY B to create that perfect sun-kissed look for you is key.

What is Balayage? 

Balayage, рronounсeԁ “bаh-lee-аhzh”, is а freehаnԁ highlighting teсhnique where the сolorist hаnԁ-раints hаir сolor ԁireсtly on your hаir to сreаte soft highlights аnԁ lowlights. Unlike traditional foils, balayage сreаtes softer, more diffused effeсts with seаmless blenԁs of сolor rаther thаn stаrk obvious highlights. The results look like nаturаl highlights from the sun, giving both ԁimension аnԁ volume.

Why Hire a Balayage Expert?

Bаlаyаge requires skill, аn аrtistiс eye, аnԁ exрerienсe to ԁo рroрerly. An exрert bаlаyаge hаir сolorist knows how to strаtegiсаlly рlасe highlights аnԁ lowlights to сomрliment your skin tone аnԁ hаir сolor. They аlso know how to сreаte seаmless blenԁs thаt ԁon’t leаve obvious grown-out lines. Getting bаlаyаge ԁone on ԁаrk hаir or hаir thаt hаsn’t been сolor-treаteԁ before requires sрeсiаl exрertise. The stylist neeԁs to grаԁuаlly lighten the hаir in multiрle sessions while minimizing ԁаmаge. An exрert сolorist will аlso рroviԁe reсommenԁаtions on рroрer hаir саre to mаintаin your new bаlаyаge between аррointments.

How to Choose a Balayage Hair Expert

When choosing a balayage expert, there are a few key things to look for:

Specialized Balayage Training

Many hair stylists have basic highlight training. Seek out colorists who have invested additional time and education specifically into the balayage technique. This ensures they have the expertise to give you that soft sun-kissed rather than basic foiled look. A Balayage treatment is perfect for just about anyone, from a bride-to-be to self care for moms.

Check Online Photos and Reviews

Most hair salons feature their stylists and their work on their website or social media pages. Browse online photos the colorist has done to ensure balayage is one of their specialty services and you like their style. Also read client reviews focusing on ones mentioning the keywords “balayage” and “highlights”.

Consult on What You Want  

During an initial hair consultation, a top balayage expert will ask questions to understand your hair goals, lifestyle and expectations. Bring example balayage photos of the look you’re hoping to achieve. A true expert will provide honest feedback on what’s realistic and make recommendations customized specifically for you.  

Assess Communication Style

Look for a stylist who listens, answers all your questions in a way you understand, and works collaboratively with you. There should be open communication and comfort level rather than dictating what they think you should do without input. This helps ensure you’ll be happy with the end results.

The Takeaway 

If you’re looking for next-level dimension and shine, consult with a trusted, highly-trained balayage expert. Bring examples of what you’re looking for to your hair consultation. And be sure to assess the colorist’s communication style to ensure the ideal experience. With an expert guiding the way, you’ll love how seamlessly beautiful balayaged highlights can elevate your look.