There used to be a time when writing an essay required a lot of work. Starting with research and then moving on to outlining, drafting, writing, and editing, everything needs to be excellent before submitting for evaluation. Given a couple of hours timeline to do all of the above tasks, students often need help with either quality or making the deadline.

Today, AI essay writers have turned the tide in the favor of students. Instead of doing all the heavy lifting, they can provide important information to the tool and let it come up with the output. Still, certain aspects of using AI essay writing tools need further elaboration. Let’s dive deeper into these elements!

AI Essay Writers Are Now Extremely Good

In the early days of development, AI essay writers were rudimentary at best. They could poorly rewrite or rephrase the given text without doing much with the context, meanings, and syntax of the text. That’s why it took a line of reading before knowing whether a piece of text was written by a human or a tool.

These days, AI essay writers are extremely good at creative tasks, such as creating titles from wide topics, generating outlines for the text, writing initial drafts, and then proofreading the whole content. In most cases, it does it all in a single go! This is what makes these AI essay writing gadgets powerful and extremely hard to detect. 

Things That AI Essay Writers Can Do

Before we move on to the issues that users and instructors face with AI essay writers, let us go through the things that these tools can perform well without missing a beat. Of course, there are certain limitations to these but they do these tasks better than human writers.


No matter how well-versed you are in a subject, you need to collect information on the topic before writing an essay or a paper. In schools, students dread scouring multiple sources and then coming up with the latest and most reliable information. With, you can do it in the background of the main process of writing, and the whole thing takes no more than a couple of seconds.


If the term is any indication, AI essay writers are extremely good at writing. They can conjure up the magic to pick up words and stitch them together in meaningful sentences and paragraphs. Since they can write complete essays, they understand the nuances of opening, main body, and closing paragraphs, and how to balance the flow of the text.


Perhaps the most underrated element of essay writers, like ChatGPT, is that they can summarize an existing piece of text with extreme precision. For instance, you have a full-length essay that you want to trim down to the brass tacks and these tools can do it for you. All you have to do is set the premise in terms of word count and focal points and it will do the rest.


Since Google launched Bard, students have been in a more elevated mood. It is a chatbot that can fetch information, write prose and poetry, and so on. But the most amazing thing is that it can analyze text and code. You can input a piece and it can be analyzed from different angles, such as tone, voice, focal points, etc. Once it has analyzed the text, you can even ask the bot to replicate the aspects in the new piece.

Issues With AI Essay Writers 

All is not bright and shiny when it comes to AI essay writers. There are certain issues that users are still facing, hampering them from producing quality work on time and submitting it for evaluation. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones here.

Plagiarism & AI Detection

Plagiarism is one of the cardinal sins in academic writing. Instructors let poor quality slides but consider plagiarism to be one of the worst forms of cheating. That’s why students try their best to make their essays and papers plagiarism-free. The same goes for AI detection. Yet, texts produced by ChatGPT and Bard take a hit when it comes to AI and plagiarism detection making them unusable for the students.

Poor Handling of Subject-Specific Materials

AI essay writers are good at writing basic writing pieces, such as school essays and papers. However, they have a hard time coming up with subject-specific text that is in-depth in scope. That’s why you see that almost all tools have a maximum of three or four pages of limit for a single batch of content production.

Heavy Reliance on Text Searches

Another limitation of essay writing tools is that they only rely on text-based searches to fetch relevant data. This issue comes up when you have a video source to base your writing on.

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Key Takeaways

Although these tools have their fair share of misses, they check a lot of boxes in terms of researching, writing, editing, and proofreading. If you are a student, you can take advantage of these tools and write compelling prose to ace your exams and get solid grades in school.