The fashion industry is always evolving, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that millennials and Gen-Z have a role to play. Fashion is constantly changing, and the styles and getting more comfortable. Similarly, there is an evident change in activewear. With more and more people going on fitness journeys, it’s evident that gym wear will be the center of fashion. 

Since 2024 is around the corner, there will be a new wave of gym clothes in the market. There was a time when you could pass the workout sessions with baggy pants and oversized sweatshirts, but the times are changing. That’s because the activewear sets are no less than a fashion statement. So, if you want to work out while adhering to the fashion norms, we are sharing the trends to follow in 2024. 

The Combination of Fashion and Sports

There was a time when people were okay with wearing ordinary designs, but they wanted to look their best now. They are taking a deep dive into the experimental and vibrant designs that will redefine the workout game. So, in 2024, we will see a combination of fashion and sports, and it’s evident that the inspiration is from avant-garde fashion. 

This trend will make everyone look their best without taking away their individuality. In particular, the activewear will have unconventional designs, shapes, structures, and cuts, so the conventional styles will be instantly thrown out the window. If you want some food for the imagination, you can think about asymmetrical support bras and hoodies in bold colors. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there won’t be any proportion. In addition, the silhouettes are about to get out of the box because they will have an infusion of artistic touch and creativity. Also, it will help people express their unique style without taking away functionality and comfort. By embracing this change and experimental design with open arms, we are surely breaking the barriers between sports and fashion.

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Sustainability Will be on the Rise 

Another trend in the spotlight will be the increased use of sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. Over the years, we have created so much damage to the planet by generating waste. For this reason, it’s time to reverse the damage by using sustainable fabrics that promise a fine balance of fit and comfort. In simpler words, activewear will be helping people achieve a green tomorrow. 

The activewear pieces will be made from eco-friendly and highly innovative fabrics, such as organic cotton and recycled nylon. In fact, recycled polyester is also a possibility, and some brands are using yarns made from waste. Keep in mind that this won’t be a temporary trend because it’s brand’s commitment to minimizing the impact on the environment. That’s because people will get eco-friendly, comfortable, and stylish activewear at once. 

On top of everything, we will see an emergence of a circular fashion economy as well as recycling systems. That’s because the activewear brands are ready to create clothes that are easy to repurpose and recycle. They are trying to create clothes that look great and don’t damage the planet, either. In simpler words, the fashion future is more responsible.

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Tech-Centered Activewear

Choosing a long sleeve legging set is pretty easy, but in 2024, the clothes won’t be simple. That’s because there is a chance of tech-centered activewear. This future will have bright and tech-infused pieces that sound extremely innovative. So, in the coming year, the activewear sets will be integrated with smart features. Also, the wearable tech might also become evident. 

For instance, there are chances that sports bras will be integrated with fitness trackers to keep an eye on fitness progress. In addition, the fabrics will be able to regulate the temperature automatically. One of the best possibilities is that leggings will have heart rate monitors, and the sports jackets will be able to warm you up according to your body temperature. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that smart activewear is here, and there won’t be a full stop to the possibilities. Many people are saying that clothes are getting an upgrade. So, with the New Year, adaptive and interactive sportswear will become popular. In fact, we might even see clothes that fit you according to the support and comfort needed.

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The Vibrant Color

For the past many years, people have been stuck with nude and pastel colors, but 2024 will see a change. There will be an addition of color in activewear. The vibrant colors will be used, which will help stir up a lot of emotions. In fact, people will be able to express themselves through colors and align with the hottest color trends. 

The activewear will be full of energy as the vibrant and bold colors will become more popular. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that workout clothes will bring out energy and make you feel confident in your skin. Many people think that there will be a balance of earthy and bold colors, so you can make a statement.  

The bold colors like green, red, and blue will be complemented by olive, mustard, and terracotta shades (these are all earthy tones). It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it will help add grounded and calm aesthetics to the activewear. The activewear design in bold colors will pump up the workouts by making you more energetic. 

On the other hand, striking the balance with earthy tones will ensure that nothing gets overwhelming. All in all, this is a great trend, and we are here to see how it will add vibrancy to our gym sessions.

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Casual Daytime Looks 

For people who like being on the go and don’t like wasting time, the 2024 activewear trend will fit their bill. That’s because the activewear will look suitable for running errands, so you can create a stylish outfit without opening your wardrobe multiple times a day. For instance, you can pair the sports bra with a blazer or try jogger pants with a t-shirt!

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