In early 2023, we visited the Van Gogh Experience, and we really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to when there would be a new exhibit to check out, and we were happy to learn that the Monet Experience opened in the Fall of 2023. (This post is not sponsored).

Getting to the Schenectady Monet Experience was easy. We used Google Maps to get to the Schenectady Armory without any issues.

There was plenty of parking in a nearby lot. Parking was free and it was near the building.

The Armory is a large building with plenty of signs for parking, entrance, and exit.

I paid online and showed my ticket at the door. The Monet Experience has a similar layout to the Van Gogh Experience, where you take a self guided tour through a variety of rooms and experiences.

We learned about the life history of Monet, as well as important historical events that aligned with art, such as the introduction of photography, and how that shaped the art world.

It was interesting to see the different pieces of art and a reproduction of what it was like at Monet’s home.  It is nice to have that perspective of his life.

There was also a reproduction of Monet’s garden and pond, with two bridges. The setting was very magical, with artificial greenery and projections of pond life to simulate the enchanting environment that inspired Monet to paint his famous pieces.

The 3D immersive room is really neat.  We settled into our seats to watch a 360 degree immersive movie about Monet’s art and life.  When we went to the Van Gogh experience, there was the same room that educated us about Van Gogh’s life.  While the Monet presentation was good, I felt as though it was not as well done as the Van Gogh presentation.  I felt as though there could have been more information and context. It felt as though there was less substance or material in the presentation.

The last part of the experience is to do some coloring pages if you wish.  It is neat to think about the different styles and colors used in Monet’s works and try them out.  I was a little disappointed in the crayons provided, but we had fun coloring nonetheless.

There are additional options at the end for a VR experience.

There is also a gift shop as you exit the Monet Experience.

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