The Story of the Hoodie

To better understand why people, particularly teens, love hoodies, we must step back and look at the Story of the hoodie. Yes, the average hoodie is more than just an item of clothing. It represents so much; it sparked a movement and is still stylish.  

The word hood is said to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon word hod. The hood is said to have originated in the 1900s in the US for workers to wear in the cold New York warehouses. The Russell Manufacturing Company produced the first hoodie, but the Knickerbocker Knitting Company( Champion) gave us the cotton hoodie we still have today.

 The 1970s saw the hoodie gaining popularity through hip-hop culture and the iconic film Rocky. Fast forward a couple of decades, and the hoodie has grown in popularity, becoming a fashion and political statement. Anybody can wear a hoodie and look great, but it remains a staple wardrobe item among teenagers, even in the scorching heat.

Why Do Teens Love Hoodies  

• Style

Hoodies come in different types; you can have zippers, some are made with lightweight material, and you can even customise your hoodie. But even blank hoodies say a lot about your style and personality, from the colour to the size. 

Comfort and Security

 Hoodies are comfortable, especially the 100% cotton kind. In an interview, one teenager likened a hoodie to a security blanket. When you look at it that way, it does make sense why they would be wearing one at the height of summer. We all remember how tricky the teenage stage can be. There are body image and self-confidence issues. The hoodie becomes a security blanket that can cover up areas of body parts one isn’t confident about. So they go beyond providing physical comfort, but they also offer an emotional comfort 

• Practical

Besides comfort, hoodies have pockets for your phone and wallet, so you don’t need to carry a bag or bumbag. A hoodie can be folded into a backpack and worn again without worrying about creases. 

Different types

Hoodies are all similar in that they have a hood and a drawstring, and they are casual wear. They can be made from different materials, have zippers, etc. So you don’t feel lost when you go shopping. Here are some popular kinds of hoodies.


  • Classic Pullover

This is the ‘original’ hoodie style with drawstring and kangaroo pouch pockets. They can be plain or branded, and they can be made of cotton or polyester blend. On freezing days, you can wear it underneath your jacket. 

  • Cropped Hoodie

This kind of hoodie was made popular by dancers ( think Step Up 3D), it’s not a full hoodie and ends around the midriff area. It would appeal to your teenage daughter who can pair it with leggings, skirts, and jeans.

When Buying

Online e-commerce platforms like Wordans for example, an ecommerce platform dedicated to all styles for all quantities, supply a seemingly limitless variety of hoodies, making it the perfect place to go for your shopping. Consider what your teen likes in terms of colour and pop culture. Also, consider what this hoodie would be used for if your teen is a biker or hiker; then, you could get a lightweight polyester to keep warm after running.