2022 and 2023 were rocky years financially for many, but there are some exciting innovations on the horizon in 2024 that could open up new opportunities to grow your money. As you look ahead to the new year, here are some financial trends worth watching.

Dip Your Toe Into AI-Powered Investing

One of the most cutting-edge developments set to shake up finance is the march of artificial intelligence into the investing world. You may have heard about robo-advisors, but now AI is moving into stock and crypto picking. Companies are leveraging massive datasets and machine learning algorithms to predict price movements and discover profitable trades.

In 2024, you’ll have access to AI automated platforms that can analyze market signals and events, crunch volumes of historical data, track social media chatter and online trends, and more to spot opportunities and even execute trades for you. It’s almost like having a personal supercomputer quant fund manager at your fingertips! Consider allocating a small portion of your portfolio to put these AI services to the test.

Explore Onchain Crypto Investment Alternatives

Cryptocurrency captured headlines and imaginations in 2022, but high volatility left some investors weary. Rather than directly buying coins, in 2024 you can tap into the crypto ecosystem’s potential rewards through alternative onchain investment services with built-in protections against risk.

For example, decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms allow you to lend assets and earn attractive interest rates. You can also invest in crypto real estate or infrastructure projects that provide ownership tokens and pay dividends. Connect to a DeFi dapp and get right to work. Your trades execute entirely within blockchain networks. And crypto hybrid funds blend digital currency with conventional assets for balanced exposure. Dip into these onchain alternatives to add a crypto component minus the turbulence.

Streamline Your Finances With Banking as a Service

Tired of juggling multiple financial apps and services? The hot new trend of banking as a service (BaaS) promises to consolidate all your banking needs in one place. BaaS offerings integrate with popular budgeting tools, credit cards, loan providers, robo-advisors, and other financial products.

In 2024, you can capitalize on BaaS offerings to sync all accounts for a unified dashboard view of your financial life, track spending automatically across payment methods, receive personalized money management tips based on your behavior, automate savings and investments, apply for financial products, and more. Consolidate with BaaS to finally achieve effortless finances.

You know that the landscape of the best AI chatbots for free and assistants is rapidly evolving. In 2024, you’ll be able to use that AI prowess to enhance your job search and career development. Cutting-edge services can scan job listings to discover best-fit openings tailored to your skills and interests. Other AI tools can analyze your resume and provide feedback on improvements to make it more appealing to recruiters.

Some platforms even offer AI-powered video interview practice that can listen to your answers and give you real-time tips on body language, diction, tone, facial expressions, and more to come across confidently. EMPower your job hunt by putting intelligent algorithms to work for you.

Automate the Busywork to Free Up Your Time

Every year it seems you have less time for what’s most important and more draining administrative tasks that zap your energy. In 2024, set yourself free by tapping into a new generation of virtual assistants that can take care of life’s busywork for you.

Which financial innovation are you most excited to try out in 2024? With AI and automation advancing at a rapid pace, it’s an interesting time to get your financial house in order. Spend some time assessing your situation, so you can take advantage of the most promising innovations on the horizon that align with your needs and priorities. The new year offers intriguing possibilities if you open your mind to emerging and improving financial tools.