In this digital age, capturing and sharing pictures of your most treasured moments is easier than ever. At least, we used to say that before we had kids! Because these wonderful little people tend to move around a lot, it can become a real challenge to try and make nice pictures of them.

For this festive season, you might dream of a Christmas family portrait, where everybody gathers around the chimney and has the best time. Maybe your goal is to work on these pictures with a photo book maker and show them to your family and friends. If you’re looking to make the best pictures by yourself, there are a few pieces of advice that you can take from us. 

Choose the Right Equipment.

The quality of a picture of children sometimes boils down to the choice of camera. According to our experience, it’s nearly impossible to snap a perfect picture with an old smartphone with a limited number of pixels. Of course, we don’t recommend buying the latest iPhone for a bunch of pictures, but you’ll see that a very responsive camera makes a big difference, as it can capture a smile, a gesture, or a movement that will melt your heart with cuteness.

Take a lot of pictures

We cannot stress it enough. Taking a fair amount of pictures will multiply your chances of making a good one. It is a very simple concept that most professional photographers will follow, especially since the birth of digital cameras that can contain hundreds of pictures on the same SD card.

Same thing for your phone, as these babies now have a very large memory that can contain thousands of pictures. Please verify that your memory isn’t full. It will save you from the pain of having to erase pictures on the go.

Use Props If Needed

Another good idea to keep your child interested is to use some props. With the festive season, there is no shortage of little items that will get him into that Christmas vibe. Before you know it, you can capture him marvelling at some gingerbread house or a nice assortment of candy canes.


Editing is Everything

Before the Photoshop days, photographers used very intricate brushing techniques to make their models look like they had flawless skin and a radiant smile. Nowadays, many apps and free software can help you edit a picture in minutes.

Although we don’t advise you to transform the pictures of your loved ones like in one of those Photoshop fails, you can truly benefit from better lighting or a better contrast. Don’t forget that many AI programs can put your pictures into another dimension. Play with it, but please don’t make your pictures tacky.

Don’t try to reach for perfection

“In our family portrait, we look pretty happy.” If you can remember these lyrics for the singer Pink, you can also keep in mind that taking pictures with children will never be perfect. Even the Royal family had trouble getting the best pictures with their youngest children! Instead of trying to take the best portrait ever, create memories that you and your children will enjoy later in the family album.