We have been on several road trips through the Yucatan of Mexico. You can read about my Yucatan road trip tips, but there are also some basic items that we found to be necessities for our time driving the rental car.

Dash cam

We also used a dash cam in the event anything were to happen during our road trip, from an accident to a police stop. You can easily find these online, and it is small enough to tuck away in a bag when the car is not in use. We did not leave any visible valuables in the car when we left it parked.

Places to hide cash

We kept cash in a variety of places, in case we were robbed or items (such as a backpack) were stolen. One of the items we used was a hairbrush that had a hidden compartment in the handle. My kids used it to brush their hair for a couple weeks before the trip, and you would never guess this was a hiding spot for money!

First aid kit

First aid on the road and during any travel is always a good idea. Mexico does have a lot of remote areas or places without a pharmacy or convenience shop, so it is good to at least have some first aid basics, such as band aids, pain relief, and stomach medicine.

Cables & Backup chargers

We used our phones for navigation, so we made sure that we could also charge our phones in the car. Aside from time spent driving, it is important to keep your phones charged during travel, so bring charging cables and even a cigarette adapter if needed.

Money for tolls

If you go on highways, anticipate that there will be toll booths. For this, you will need a basic understanding of money and the language here, and to be prepared with payment. I always have a small Spanish language phrasebook with me so I can look up words as needed, and you can also find language apps for your phone.

Supplies for the car

It is always good to be prepared with things like water in the car, in case of emergency.

Travel CO2 detector

While a CO2 detector is not something you need in the car, I definitely recommend it for your hotel stays. There are too many stories of tragic CO2 poisoning on vacation, and a compact CO2 detector is easy to bring along.

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