I have wanted to hike the Vroman’s Nose trail for quite some time now. Located in Middleburgh, NY, this hike is known for its wonderful views overlooking the Schoharie Valley.

For us, the drive was about 35-40 minutes, and it was easy to find with Google Maps.

There is a sign to direct you to the parking lot.

There is a decent size parking lot, but I have heard of it being full on nice days.

This hike is only about 1.8 miles, with much of it being on steep terrain. There is a small trailhead with some information.

We went in November, and there were a lot of muddy sections.

There were also a lot of leaves on the trail, which made it a bit slick on the dry leaves.

You will also want to watch your step as there are many roots.

The trail is a loop, and it was very easy to follow, and there are trail markers as well.

The top of the trail has wonderful views, and different sections to enjoy the view.

The main area is also known as “The Dance Floor”.

It is a decent sized area, and I noticed some old dates in it.

The scenery is beautiful, but the ledge may not be for the faint of heart if you don’t like heights!

The trip back down to the parking lot was easy, although it was slippery with all the leaves.

Overall, a quick and easy hike with great views!

We decided to do another hike afterwards, so we opted to visit Thacher Park. Surprisingly, there are not many nearby hikes.

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