Birthdays, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions are supposed to be fun, but what if you’re having a hard time finding great gifts for guys? That’s an understandable predicament; after all, men are notoriously harder to shop for than women. The good news is that you might just find the gift ideas you’ve been looking for below. Whether you’re looking for something practical, something fun, or something in between, there are options for men of every taste.

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When gift-shopping for the guys in the house, it might help to start by thinking about their interests and hobbies. Do they like outdoors activities, or do they prefer the finer things in life? Depending on the type of guy you’re shopping for, you might do better with a hydration backpack, or a beef jerky subscription box from a company like Jerky Gent. Whether you want specific recommendations, or just general inspiration, the information here should help you find the perfect gifts.

A neck massage pillow

Who doesn’t need to relax these days? Most of us tend to hold tension in our necks and shoulders, even if we don’t realize it. At the end of a long day, a gentle neck massage can hit the spot, whether your guy is at home or on the road. You can get a basic option with just a couple of settings, or a pricier one that has multiple settings.

Noise-cancelling headphones

This might sound like an expensive gift, but it doesn’t have to be. Noise-cancelling headphones can be purchased for under $50 – or for several hundred dollars. It all depends on how many functions you want them to have. A basic pair will do exactly what the name suggests, but not much more. A more advanced pair could also accept calls hands-free, switch between different devices, and even pause playback when it detects the user talking. Plus, noise-cancelling headphones provide a much more satisfying auditory experience at any price point compared to conventional headphones. 

A hydration backpack

Two things that are pretty standard on any outdoor adventure are a water bottle and a backpack. A hydration backpack combines those two things, and makes them way more convenient than before. Thanks to the water bladder and straw that are incorporated into the design of the backpack, the user won’t have to dig around for their water bottle each time they need a drink. Plus, they also won’t have to deal with the sound of a half-empty water bottle sloshing around in their backpack for hours.

A luxury suitcase

Some men are constantly on the road, and they need luggage that can keep up. A luxury suitcase isn’t just a status symbol; it also provides a generally smoother, more pleasant travel experience. For example, a well-made suitcase comes with wheels that never jam or jump around – that alone puts it miles above a lot of budget options. Then there are the extra features that you can find on some models, such as a removable laptop case or a portable charger. A removable laptop case makes getting through airport security much easier, since there’s no need to start unzipping things to access the laptop. A portable charger makes a great insurance policy against delays in the airport, long car rides, or other situations where a power outlet may not be accessible.

An espresso machine

Basically everyone loves coffee; it’s a key part of the standard morning ritual. Some people get really technical with it, choosing only the best beans, the most optimal roasts, and the fanciest coffee machines. But what if they had an espresso machine as well? This would allow them to expand their at-home coffee repertoire, especially if they’re into European-style coffee drinks. Even the act of making espresso can feel very calming, which acts as a great counterbalance to the jolt of caffeine that this little drink offers.

A beef jerky subscription

If the guys in your house can’t get enough of their favorite snacks, maybe you should add something new to the mix with a beef jerky subscription. Make no mistake; you won’t be gifting them standard gas station beef jerky. Any jerky subscription service that’s worth its salt makes sure to include a wide variety of interesting flavors, spice levels, and more. Not only will the recipients love having delicious snacks on hand throughout the month, but they’ll also be able to discover new varieties and brands that could end up becoming household staples.

An ice cream maker

You might be accused of shopping out of self-interest with this gift, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. After all, it isn’t as if he’s going to turn it down! An ice cream maker is suitable for almost any budget, and is more versatile than it sounds. Some ice cream makers can also be used for gelatos, milkshakes, frozen custard, smoothie bowls, and sorbets. Regardless of which model you get, he’ll have fun discovering different flavors, toppings, and mix-ins.

A great speaker

A mediocre speaker can make music sound tinny and shallow, but a good bluetooth speaker can bring out the true depth of any track. It’s even possible to get a speaker that provides surround-sound, without the need for a complex setup or several yards of wiring. 

A hot sauce variety pack

If you want to spice up someone’s day, look no further than a hot sauce variety pack. A decently spicy bottle of hot sauce can last for weeks, so a variety pack can last for months. Some of them mainly focus on how hot the products can get; even a couple of drops can set an entire plate of food on fire. Others focus on the flavor profiles of each sauce, even using expensive and rare ingredients like truffle oil. The best part? Nobody’s picky about hot sauce. If the guy you’re shopping for likes hot sauce, he’s bound to love getting an entire lineup of them.

Shopping for the guys at home can feel like a daunting task, but hopefully now you have a few ideas for the perfect gifts.