Dinosaurs are a universal interest for children of all ages, and why not? They’re gigantic, colorful, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There seem to be dinosaur toys for everyone.

0-2 Years

Dinosaur board books and plushies are great for babies and children under one. At this age, don’t expect the baby to do much more than watch or grab the toy, but you can get them started on dinosaurs with the right toys.

Toys appropriate for this age group should be large without small pieces that could pose a choking hazard, and they shouldn’t be too hard or have pointy parts that could hurt a baby’s eyes. Board books, stuffed animals, and soft or rubbery figurines are all great options for very small children.

Toddlers are probably the age group that loves dinosaurs the most. When looking for the perfect toddler dinosaur toy, you can go a bit smaller, but still ensure that there aren’t small removable or breakable parts that they could put in their mouth.

Most toddlers also love when someone reads to them, and there are probably hundreds of fun and informational dinosaur stories out there for them to enjoy with you.

Dinosaur nightlights and dinosaur eggs are also sure to be a hit for these little ones.

3-5 Years

Little children may become interested in more detailed dinosaur figurines. These children notice all the little details, colors and characteristics of the dinosaurs, so getting a variety of figurines to let them explore the amazing variety of dinosaurs that once existed is a great way to inspire learning and play.

Books are still a hit at this age, and you can look for coloring and activity books, as well. This age group tends to love stickers, as well.

6 Years and Up

Older children sometimes lose interest in dinosaurs but you can keep the spark alive by introducing them to dinosaur toys like trivia cards or puzzles. EUGY 3D puzzles, like this triceratops, are a blast to put together and they’re super cute.

Older children that make dinosaurs a hobby may enjoy collecting life-like figurines with scientifically accurate details.

You can also look for more detailed dinosaur books, dinosaur packs, building-block type sets to build dinosaurs with, and activity packs. Consider GEOWorld toy sets, which teach about dinosaur bone anatomy. 

Teenagers and Adults

Some people never lose their love of these giant beasts, and you can help them build their collection with accurate dinosaur models and lesser-known dinosaurs, such as Utahraptor, Shringasaurus, Qianzhousaurus, and Prestosuchus. They may also like collecting other prehistoric animals like the wooly rhino, wooly mammoth, hyaenodon gigas, and ammonite.

Finding Quality Dinosaur Figurines and Toys

With these tips in mind, find scientifically accurate dinosaur figurines or dinosaurs that are appropriate for all ages so you can play and learn together!