When you have a newborn baby, you want to take as many photos as you can of them to help capture those precious moments. After all, any parent will tell you that they grow up quickly!

 So, for many parents, there is no price too high to take professional photos of their newborn bundle of joy. It may be the case, however, that when you book a professional photography session, you need to take the baby to a studio, so you will need to know how best to keep them comfortable.

Each baby is different, but here, you will be walked through some of the best tips to keep your newborn comfy during a photo shoot that you can discuss with the photographer.

Newborn baby in comfortable pajamas sleeping on a beige blanket

Keep The Space Warm

Newborn babies like being warm. After all, until recently, they were living in a very warm environment, so to keep them happy, you may need to ask the photographer to up the thermostat in the studio.

Any professional Chicago family photographer worth their salt will be happy to do this and, if possible, aim to ensure that the studio is around 75-80°F. You can also use a space heater or a heating pad to help keep your baby warm and cozy.

Book the Photoshoot Around Feedings

With newborn babies, it is important to get a feeding schedule in place as soon as you can, not only to help you plan the day but also to get them used to being fed at set times. So, when booking a photo shoot for a newborn, it is best to book it around their feeding times. 

A well-fed newborn will be more likely to be calm during the photos, and, if needed, it is more likely to lull them to sleep for some truly precious photos. You should also take along some milk for them, just in case they need feeding in between the photos.

Calm Atmosphere

It is important for the baby to feel safe and calm during the photoshoot, so aim to take along some soft and calming music, which can help them stay relaxed. Many parents use a white noise machine or white noise apps on their phones for photoshoots, as these sounds will help keep the baby calm. Make sure that there are no loud noises and that there are no excessive light or temperature changes that could cause the baby to become upset or restless.

Use Comfortable Positions

Your newborn will need physical support during these photos, so use padded blankets, wraps, and pillows, which will help to hold them in certain poses. Take your time when you are repositioning them, and make sure that they are comfy and that their head is supported at all times. 

Use Yourself

Your baby knows you and your partner, so in order to keep them feeling safe and comfortable, be sure to hold your baby during the photo shoot. This can showcase your bond with your baby and can also reassure them and keep them calm.