Lip fillers are now a popular aesthetic treatment to achieve fuller lips. As a minimally invasive and relatively painless procedure, lip fillers are a go-to option for those looking to enhance the look of their lips without significant time set aside for post-treatment recovery. Lip fillers are also made affordable, as many practices offer financing options to make paying for these treatments feasible for their clients. 

Candidacy for treatment requires that you are in good physical health, have reasonable expectations for treatment outcomes and results, and do not have an active outbreak of an oral infection such as cold sores and canker sores. You will also discuss if any medications may interfere with treatment. Certain drugs like blood thinners and herbal supplements must be abstained from before you’re eligible for treatment. 

Once you’ve been cleared to proceed, you’ll review expectations for the procedure, discuss the pre-and post-treatment guidelines you need to follow, and schedule your treatment. Follow-up treatments may also be required two weeks from your initial appointment to monitor the healing period. For more information on receiving lip fillers, search ‘lip fillers near me’ and continue reading below. 

Search ‘lip fillers near me’ for reasons to pursue lip fillers. 

Lip fillers are treatments for restoring lip volume. Many people choose lip fillers to restore their lips to their previous size, smooth lines, and wrinkles, and boost personal confidence. Lip volume loss can occur as time passes due to genetics, sun damage, and smoking. When you browse online under searches like ‘lip fillers near me,’ you’ll find that lip fillers are an alternative to more invasive treatments like lip implants, lip augmentation, and lip lifts. 

The treatment process is quick and causes little discomfort. 

Lip fillers are injections of dermal and hyaluronic acid gel. The gel is applied with a thin needle into the targeted areas. Search online under ‘lip fillers near me’ to find providers that can give you an accurate estimation of the timeframe for the procedure. 

When you research ‘lip fillers near me,’ you’ll learn about the local anesthetic used as a numbing agent. This cream will not leave you tired. You may feel a slight pinching during the injection process. Your provider will ice the treated regions to reduce swelling. 

Your lip swelling and inflammation will resolve quickly. 

After you are cleared to leave, you are free to drive yourself home or plan for a family member to drive you home instead. You can expect lip swelling to dissipate after 24-48 hours, but it can take a week to subside entirely. Remember that lip fillers are temporary and last 12-18 months, depending on factors like metabolism. Routine treatments are needed to maintain results. 

Book your consultation and start your journey to fuller lips. 

If you want to restore your lip volume, look online under searches like ‘lip fillers near me’ to find providers in your area. Reach out to a medical provider or cosmetic surgeon and start your journey to fuller lips today.