Cape May is a beautiful coastal town located at the southern tip of New Jersey. It offers a unique opportunity to take a ferry ride to various destinations, and allows you to reach Lewes, Delaware via a short trip. The Cape May-Lewes Ferry is one of the most popular ferry routes in the area, connecting Cape May and Lewes.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry crosses the Delaware Bay, offering stunning views of the water and the surrounding coastal areas. Enjoy the views – and you may even want to take a few photos!

Here is a useful Cape May to Lewes Ferry Guide to help you plan your trip.

Ferry Terminals

It is easy to find the terminals and park. The Cape May terminal is located just off the southern end of the Garden State Parkway.

Both terminals have facilities such as waiting areas, ticketing counters, and food.


The ferry schedule varies depending on the season, so it is important to check the official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date schedule and ticket information. Keep in mind that the summer months are the busiest season, so you will want to take this into account when making your travel plans.

Services & On Board Amenities

The ferry offers passenger service, making it a convenient mode of transportation between the two coastal towns.

You can also transport your vehicle on the ferry, making it convenient if you plan to explore both Cape May and Lewes or continue your journey further into Delaware or further south.

On board, the ferry typically offers amenities such as a gift shop, food service, and outdoor decks for passengers to enjoy the scenery.


The ferry ride takes approximately 85 minutes to cross the Delaware Bay, depending on weather conditions and other factors.


Ferry fares vary based on factors like passenger or vehicle type, age, and whether you’re traveling one way or round trip. Be sure to check the official website for current pricing.


It’s a good idea to make reservations, especially during peak travel times, to secure your spot on the ferry.

Travel Tips

Check the weather and traffic conditions before your journey, arrive at the terminal in advance of departure, and follow any specific guidelines or instructions provided by the ferry staff.

Ferries are a great way to make your travel go more quickly and to enjoy some additional scenery. All ferries in the US is a good tool to check where you can take advantage of ferries in your travels.