Teenage pregnancy is a situation whereby a girl child under the age of twenty is carrying a child. It usually refers to females between the age of 15 and 19 years. It is a global phenomenon with known economic and health effects of teenage pregnancy in regions where it is most common. Although awareness is being made to control it, it is essential to note that adolescent gestation occurs unintended most of the time. 

Pregnant woman cradling her belly

Reasons for teen pregnancies are common among regions with a high lack of formal and informal education. Some early pregnancy causes include immature marriages and female child abuse. The adverse effect of adolescent childbearing on both the girl child and society will be discussed in this article. Before proceeding to the consequences and preventive measures, let’s dive in and see the factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy. 

Teenage Pregnancy Impact on Future and Education

The future of a child is as bright and new as the rising morning sun, with millions of opportunities waiting for the girl child to take and transform the world. The sad thing is that adolescent gestation creeps in like a thief in the night to steal those dreams. 

Writing essays on adolescent gestation is one way to enlighten oneself and society on the consequences and preventive measures of adolescent pregnancies. Samples of such writings are available online. You can read these essays about teenage pregnancy to write compelling papers on the effect of adolescent pregnancies on academic performance and the prospects of a young female. When topics about early childbearing are documented and shared with the public, it is a significant way of spreading the gospel and preventing them. 

Causes of Early Adolescent Pregnancy

Adolescent gestation is common in some areas of the world, with several causes. It is still prevalent in society because of a lack of adequate information on the consequences of early childbearing.  Below are the significant reasons for teen pregnancies:

Lack of Sex Education 

Teenage girls who are enlightened have minimal chances of bearing a child unintentionally. Those who lack information about sexuality for them to read are unaware of the act of getting pregnant and the consequences of it. 

Sexual Violence 

Sexual violence is an early childbearing cause. Girls exposed to sexual violence such as rape do not even have a voice to say no. They are pressured and threatened to indulge in sexual activities that lead to unwanted pregnancies. 

Peer Pressure

Children learn firstly from their families and secondly from society. The group of friends and company kept by teenage greatly influences their life decisions. Peer pressure will lead innocent girls to engage in sexual activities, leading to pregnancies. 

The factors that contribute to adolescent childbearing are many. However, the ones mentioned above are common causes of high school pregnancies. 

Pregnant woman cradling her belly

Long-Term Effects of Teenage Pregnancy 

Adolescent pregnancies affect both the young mother and the child. Teenage pregnancies are associated with many risk factors that may take both the life of the woman and the baby. Future mothers are at higher risk of high blood pressure during gestation than more mature ones. The babies tend to have low birth weight and lower chances of survival after birth.

Even so, if the delivery goes well and both mother and child are hale and hearty, early childbearing still has long-term consequences. They include:

  • High Depression rate

Teenage are at higher risk of postpartum depression due to childbirth. The responsibilities of catering to a child and herself will lead to further depression, even after a given period.

  • Inability to complete their education

Early childbearing causes a great chance of school dropout among young women. They cannot cater for themselves and the pregnancy and still cope with school. Even after giving birth, it is difficult for such moms to return and complete their education. 

  • Increased rate of alcohol and substance abuse

While tackling depression, most teenage mothers tend to move towards drug abuse to calm their nerves. Unfortunately, substance abuse causes more harm to the situation on the ground.

  • Increase in the poverty level of the country

The economy is also on the receiving end of adolescent gestation. If a mother cannot cater for herself as a teenager, how is she expected to cater to a child? It leads to increasing illiteracy levels and poverty rates in our society. 

Practical Ways to Prevent Teenage Pregnancies 

The consequences of early childbearing are meant for no one to bear. The mother and child do not have to suffer at such a tender age. To tackle a significant societal problem, every member must contribute their quota. There are ways for adequate prevention of teenage pregnancies. They include:

Proper Sex Education

The older ones in society should not avoid sex education. The community is responsible for hosting teen pregnancy prevention programs and enlightening girls. Teen mothers need guidance on how to pass and teach these topics to their female children.


In order not to have a pity party in the end, it is significant for girls to abstain from sex until they are ready and able to care for a child. Sexually active youth must use contraceptives, but the best contraceptive is abstinent from sex. It is an effective way to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Discourage Early Marriages

Proper sensitization must be given to people in a rural environment. They should be enlightened on the implications of early marriage and childbearing and investigate how to take away cultures that do more harm than good.

Reduced Forced Sex

Violence against women is still common in our world today. It is a dilemma that no female child should have to encounter. Society has an obligation to come together to prevent such occurrences and punish offenders accurately.

Wrapping Up

The above are evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention methods that are working and will still work for societies that are yet to be exposed to them. Adolescent childbearing will be reduced if every community member puts all hands on deck. Research papers and information about teen pregnancy have to be published and used to teach students in schools.

Outreach programs organized by NGOs must enlighten the ones who do not have the opportunity of going to school to reduce the ugly consequences of early childbearing in our society. Every girl child deserves to have a life. A life that adolescent gestation should not hinder.