For a lot of people, their garage is the only place to park a car. Many others see it as something grander, like a gym, workspace, or living area. There’s a way renovation work can enhance the home’s value, including the garage. If you have an updated garage, it will help sell the home. However, before you begin working on a project, identify the renovations that are required and necessary for the needs of your family. You can turn the garage into a playroom for your kids or make it your workspace. These renovations might attract a buyer right away. Here are a few garage updates that can help increase the value of your home. 

A new functional door 

The first thing you need to change about your garage is the door. A wooden door will need a lot of effort to open manually, and this is not something homebuyers like. You can opt for a new door that opens automatically. Alternatively, swap out your old door and get your hands on a lightweight aluminum one. Consider getting a new door that blends well with the theme and color of your house.

Vent your garage  

Homeowners with an attached garage who live in extreme climatic conditions should consider insulating the ceiling and walls. This will allow you to capture the climate control and keep you and the car safe from extreme weather conditions. You should insulate your garage door as well. It can be done through weather stripping at the sides and bottom to eliminate drafts. Ensure that the garage is well-vented so that the carbon monoxide does not seep inside the house. You can use a carbon monoxide detector which will alert you in case of any unsafe conditions. 

Follow a smart strategy for storage

A lot of us often have unused and extra things in the garage but do not clutter the area with everything you come across. Baseball equipment, extra furniture, and a plastic pool will not give a good message to the home buyer. They will start to think there is not adequate space in your house. The experts at Arizona Garage Storage Services state, “Consider buying heavy-duty plastic bins and label them. You can place these bins on the shelves to make the garage look well organized. This is a small trick that will make a huge difference”. Alternatively, you could also install wire shelves or consider buying freestanding shelves that work easily with big bins. You need to ensure that the shelves remain well secured to the walls so that they do not tip over someone and are safe for usage. If you’re looking for professional assistance in optimizing your garage storage, consider reaching out to experts in garage storage Vancouver for tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Have the right lighting  

Look for an electrician to install motion-sensitive lighting in the garage. Once they are installed, see that they provide enough light for you to sit and work. If they are not bright, you need to add more lights. A dark space can look unappealing to buyers, and it could also be unsafe. Hence, install two shop lights that are equipped with LED bulbs even if you are only parking your car in the garage. 

Replace the flooring

The easiest way to increase the value of your garage is to replace the floor. Have a finish that is easy to clean and strong enough to sustain wear and tear. You can use an epoxy finish, and it will make a big difference. Concrete will be porous, but you can use seal concrete or paint, and the oil from your car will not stain your floor. It is a simple DIY step that can make the concrete floor shine in no time. 

Keep a unique and separate space for the car 

You must remember that the purpose of the garage is to keep your car safe and secure. Hence, you need to use the space to store your car. Even if you have reimagined your garage as a studio, or a gym, it will not increase or change the value of your home. The prospective homebuyer does not share the same vision, and they might only want a garage for their car. Hence, keep enough space for the car. However, if you have a living area built over the garage, it will increase the home’s value.

Lastly, keep the area surrounding your garage clean and tidy at all times. If it looks ugly, it will push away the buyers, and they might not be ready to walk on the cracked driveway. They will form the first impression of your house from the exterior and you need to ensure that the space is clean and well-maintained. Sometimes, the garage is the first thing a home buyer will notice, and once you make these updates, you will see an increase in your home’s value.