I picked lavender many years ago, and wanted to try it again. I saw that there was a nearby place to pick at Slate Hill Flower Farm, located in Sharon Springs, New York.

The flower farm was easy to find using Google Maps. It is just outside the main part of Sharon Springs, which is probably best known for the home of the Beekman Brothers company.

We visited the farm Facebook page to check on status updates, as picking conditions can vary. We chose to go when we did because it was one of the last few days of the picking season. We went on July 15, and they were closing the farm to picking the next day.

The farm is on Slate Hill Road, which winds through the country. We could see the farm on the side of the road, and there is a sign out front.

The main parking area was full, but the owner helped redirect us to a bigger parking area in an adjacent field.

We stopped in at a check-in area, where we got instructions for lavender picking, and were provided with everything we needed – baskets and scissors.

We headed up a short path to the lavender field. There are a variety of types of lavender. Since they were all culinary varieties, I picked different kinds to try. If you need to supplement your hand-picked lavender buds, you can also find culinary lavender online.

Always love to see lots of pollinators! (But a good reminder that kids may not be as thrilled, or anyone who is allergic to bee stings).

When we were done, we headed back to the small barn area to pay for our lavender bunches.

In addition to purchasing cut lavender, they offer a variety of plants and lavender products (such as soaps and honey). I also bought a beautiful Slate Hill t-shirt.

Visit Slate Hill on Facebook at: