The purchase of an engagement ring is a significant investment, not only financially but also emotionally.

Where you buy your ring could be the most important factor in determining whether or not you get a gorgeous ring at a reasonable price.

In the UK, many jewelers need to make it more complex to locate a decent stone by restricting the information they provide and overcharging for low-quality diamonds. If you get it wrong, you may pay over the odds for a dull diamond.

There are many popular places to buy an engagement ring in UK, and we’ve compiled some of the best stores you should consider.

  1. Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is generally regarded as the diamond and jewelry capital of the UK, Europe, and the World.

Flawless Fine Jewelry is a great place to supply you with the greatest engagement rings in Hatton Garden, drawing on their extensive industry experience, vendor contacts, and ability to provide competitive prices.

A 2 carat diamond ring is a rich and spectacular piece of jewelry with a center diamond measuring around 2 carats. It has a large size and a prominent presence on the finger. The diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and quality add to the ring’s charm. It is often set with smaller diamonds or accent stones and is preferred for important events like engagements or anniversaries.

  1. Blue Nile UK

Blue Nile, founded in 1999, is sometimes called the Tiffany & Co. of the Internet. They are an international firm that sells its items online to give the greatest quality at the lowest possible price. They also offer a diamond price match promise if you locate a comparable diamond for a lesser fee elsewhere.

The Blue Nile continues to be unsurpassed in terms of the number of diamonds offered and the vast array of engagement and wedding ring styles. If you desire anything other than a diamond engagement ring, they also specialize in colored gemstones and pearl jewelry.

While Blue Nile does not have a shop in the UK, they provide free delivery, and VAT is calculated at the checkout. Blue Nile is a wonderful alternative for a simple online shopping experience and an unrivaled selection.

  1. Lily Arkwright

Look no further than Lily Arkwright if you’re seeking ethical jewelry. They are a luxury jewelry firm providing engagement and wedding rings fashioned from ethical gemstones such as moissanite and lab-created diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. This distinguishes them from virtually all of the other brands on this list.

The fundamental principle of the firm is to deliver high-quality, ethically sourced jewelry at a reasonable price. Their current collections include a decent selection of ready-made engagement rings and wedding sets, but you may also have a customized ring tailored to your specifications. The firm can provide British quality and gorgeous designs at a fair price because it has worked with some of the top brands in the lab-created gemstone industry, including Chatham.

Furthermore, Lily Arkwright has evolved into a business with a satisfied customer base, as seen by their excellent 5-star evaluations. Their customer service is amazing, and they go out of their way to ensure every client is delighted.

  1. Mitchel & Co.

Mitchel & Co., a family company founded in 1979, has evolved into one of Birmingham’s best diamond retailers, selling engagement and wedding rings, fine jewelry, and pearl collections—each ring, whether pre-made or commissioned, is skillfully created.

Browse their many engagement and wedding ring collections, organized by budget, diamond shape, and theme. Their engagement ring collections include stunning diamond ring styles to suit various preferences. Their Happily Ever After and New Romantics collections were especially appealing to us.

Mitchel & Co.’s website is contemporary and easy to use, making it simple to browse their large selections.

How to Go Diamond Shopping in Hatton Garden

While we market purchasing online, we also provide our readers with shopping ideas in Hatton Garden and elsewhere. Remember these ideas the next time you shop for jewelry or an engagement ring.

Examine the Certification

A certificate should accompany every diamond. However, you must consider who issued the certificate. Only diamonds with a GIA certificate are recommended. This lab entity is the most constant and dependable, providing you with confirmation of the diamond you’re purchasing.

Choosing a stone certified by another institution may result in purchasing a lower-quality diamond. If an agent in Hatton Garden encourages you to purchase a diamond with a certificate other than one from the GIA, reject it and shop elsewhere.

Evaluate the Cut

The most essential feature of a diamond is its cut. It influences how much light is reflected off the diamond and returned to your eyes. As a result, only Excellent and Ideal Cut diamonds should be considered. Aside from the grade, make sure the diamond has a lot of brilliance and fire. Keep the depth percentage of a round-cut diamond under 62.5% and the table percentage under 60%.

Assess Clarity

The Clarity rating on the certificate is vital, but finding an eye-clean diamond is more critical. In other words, when inspected with the naked eye, the diamond should be free of imperfections and inclusions. To get a better view of the diamond, move it away from the strong lights at the jewelry shop. If there are any flaws, the diamond is not eye-clean. Diamonds rated VS1 or VS2 Clarity are generally eye-clean but substantially less costly than VVS and FL diamonds.


Purchasing a diamond ring is a huge financial and emotional commitment, and the ‘best’ place to get your lab-grown band will depend on precisely what you’re looking for, how fast you want it, and how much weight you put on price vs. value.

However, as previously indicated, one of the jewelers you should look at is Flawless Fine Jewelry, as we have found them to provide excellent rates, stunning rings, and exceptional service.