Losing belly fat is unarguably the most common of all fitness goals. When you start your fitness journey, getting a slim, toned belly will be one of your top goals. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most challenging fitness goals to achieve. If you aren’t following the right steps, shredding stubborn belly fat can be next to impossible. 

Your midsection can be incredibly resistant to losing fat, and even if you have a solid exercise regimen, you might not start seeing results soon. It can be pretty demotivating for most people, making them feel as if their hard work isn’t paying off. When you’re feeling this low, you might feel like the only way you can get sculpted abs is by pushing your body to the extreme, forcing your body to lose fat. 

However, although this approach may initially give you results, it’s unsustainable and unhealthy. Luckily, several healthy ways exist to lose belly fat and get your dream physique without starving yourself. Keep reading below to learn more. 

  1. Cosmetic enhancements

For some, losing stubborn belly fat can be impossible, no matter how hard we try. Genetics have a huge role to play here; in some cases, there’s only so much that exercise and dieting can do for you. Additionally, even if you manage to lose stubborn belly fat, you may have a ton of loose skin that keeps your abs from looking sculpted. In this situation, cosmetic enhancement can be your best option. 

Cosmetic enhancements can understandably cause some nervousness. However, it’s vital to note that plastic surgery has evolved immensely, and all procedures are now incredibly safe, delivering natural results. 

The tummy tuck procedure is among the most popular cosmetic procedures for sculpted, flat abs. Most people remain concerned about fluid drainage after the procedure, but nowadays, you can even opt for a drainless tummy tuck. This tummy tuck procedure is remarkable and much less invasive than the traditional procedure. You’ll also have a shorter healing time and get the firm, flat abs you’ve been looking forward to.

  1. Get your cardio in 

If you’re like most of us, cardio will be the section you dread most heading to the gym. Compared to strength training or any other regimen you incorporate, cardio can feel dull and repetitive, and incredibly tiring. However, cardio is essential if you want to beat belly fat. Without elevating your heart rate consistently, you won’t be able to push your body to burn enough calories. 

Going into a caloric deficit through dieting alone can restrict your diet and lead to energy decline. However, when you pair consistent cardio with a healthy diet, you can start losing belly fat in a much healthier manner. Cardio doesn’t have to be hours spent mindlessly running on the treadmill. Instead, you can pair it up with HIIT workouts that can help elevate your heart rate. Weight lifting while your heart rate is already up from cardio can help you get the full benefit from your exercise routine and help trim excess fat. 

  1. Get enough protein 

Protein intake is one of the most integral aspects to focus on if you want to maximize the benefit you get from your regimen. For starters, protein is essential for building muscle. If your body doesn’t have enough protein, no matter how hard you work out, you won’t be able to build and strengthen your abdominal muscles. 

You can increase your protein intake in several ways, but first, assess your dietary needs accurately. A nutritionist can help you analyze your goals and help you figure out how much protein you need to take regularly. If you’re willing to take the natural route, eggs, meat, and nuts are excellent protein sources. You can opt for chickpeas, lentils, tofu, and more if you’re vegan. 

Moreover, if getting enough protein naturally isn’t working, you can always opt for protein powders. Increasing your protein intake can also help you feel fuller and reduce unnecessary snacking. 

  1. Read your labels 

Nowadays, you might find many products on the shelves that claim to be healthy and good for weight loss. However, when shopping for groceries, it’s important to be mindful and read your labels to know what’s in the food you’re eating. Most of these food items packaged as being healthy have high levels of sugars, trans fats, and sodium. Regularly having such products can make it even harder for you to lose belly fat and bloating. 

Instead, focus on purchasing products that have short, easily readable ingredients. These products won’t have any complicated ingredients you can’t pronounce. Instead, everything will be easily readable and recognizable. Being more mindful can help you avoid any unhealthy ingredients that can inadvertently make you keep stacking on weight. 

  1. Reduce unhealthy lifestyle patterns

Apart from diet and exercise, several other unhealthy lifestyle choices might be causing you to keep the weight on. Alcohol, in particular, can be extremely damaging to your health and your weight loss journey. If you regularly consume a high level of alcohol, your body’s fat retention can increase exponentially, especially around the waist. Additionally, alcohol consumption can cause your body to become more bloated as your cells lose water. 

Smoking is another unhealthy choice that can cause bloating and weight gain. As a regular smoker, you are likely to experience a host of gastrointestinal issues that can make it hard to lose weight. Although cutting back on these lifestyle choices can be hard, it’s vital to protect your health and to help you attain your fitness goals. If your withdrawal symptoms are too strong, getting in touch with a professional can help make the journey much easier. 


When you’re just starting your fitness journey, losing that stubborn belly fat can seem like your biggest hurdle. However, following these tips can help you reduce belly fat and get the flat abs you’ve dreamed of. If you stay persistent and dedicated, you can start seeing natural, sustainable, and healthy results soon enough. Amidst it all, the drainless tummy tuck procedure is gaining popularity among people for all the right reasons.