Oil field housing usually isn’t that nice. Workers constantly complain about conditions. That doesn’t make for a healthy and happy work environment.

The secret lies in good organization. It doesn’t take that much work for housing to be cheap and good. But it does take a bit of creativity.

Here are some ways you can make accommodations for oil field workers to feel more like home.

  1. Convenience

The housing should be in a convenient location.

Workers shouldn’t have to waste time going to and from work. If they do have a long ride, transportation should always be provided.

The transportation should be comfortable. For long rides, a bus with a bathroom is a must. Provide coffee, water, and basic snacks. Small things can end up making a huge difference.

The location should also be convenient for grocery shopping and leisure activities. If it isn’t, provide rides to and from grocery stores at least.

There should also be amenities at the site. Washing machines and good food access are essential.

Ideally, a fitness center and a pool should be within reach. A recreational area isn’t a bad idea. And of course, every worker needs some personal space.

  1. Booking

The best way to ensure things go well is to book smartly.

Oil field companies can use booking services like Hotel Engine to find good deals. The same goes for other industries.

Traveling nurses, teachers, and even agricultural workers can use a booking service. It’s a misconception that business travel is only for high-end executives and corporate bosses.

Oil is one of the most important businesses internationally. Its field workers make up an essential part of that business. They deserve good housing.

A booking service will help you find good rates. Long-term stays usually mean better rates and more services. A booking agency can also help you arrange services like transportation and other important amenities.

It also helps when things go wrong to have an agency. Your priority should be the work that you have to do. Worrying about housing isn’t your job.

If there’s a problem with the hotel or apartments, the agency will take care of it for you. They’ll find you another place to stay or get you a refund.

Once you establish a relationship with a booking agency, things will just become easier and easier.

  1. Costs

Find creative ways to cut costs.

The one thing you shouldn’t be sacrificing is the quality of the housing itself. If workers aren’t able to live comfortably, they won’t work well.

See if there’s another way you can save money. For example, it might be cheaper to host group dinners that are home-cooked instead of taking people out to eat.

Communal dinners are also a great way to establish community. They provide bonding opportunities for the workers.

Get your hands dirty and do some of the cooking, too. It will help you earn respect from your employees.

And it will give you the chance to get to know them better.

  1. Activities

It can be lonely traveling on the road.

Organize activities and events for the team. Maybe host a game night with some of these card games from Reader’s Digest.

Ask what people would be interested in doing. Maybe people are interested in starting a book club or having a movie night.

Events don’t need to be fancy or expensive. The simplest events are often the most memorable. Other ideas are group hikes or sports teams.

Organize a trip every once in a while. People like going into town.

  1. Flexibility

Be prepared that things might not go as you’ve planned.

There could be a storm and a flight might get canceled. Or you might have to reschedule. There is often a lot of downtime when traveling.

Don’t be afraid to use this time to change plans. Come up with a spontaneous event at the last minute. Or see about finding another place to stay if something isn’t working out.

Ask employees how they are feeling. Ask if they have any suggestions. They will appreciate that you’ve asked.


Finding good housing for oil field workers isn’t easy. But with a bit of work and creativity, it isn’t impossible.