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Are you trying to show political support, spread awareness, or show love for a particular movement? One of the best ways to do so is to wear a lapel pin. Even when there’s no significant meaning, you can still wear a traditional one for a meeting, wedding, or dinner, from a flag to something humorous – or you can even have your own custom lapel pins made!

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Not sure how to wear one or what makes a great lapel pin placement?

If you don’t often wear lapel pins, it can be daunting to figure out where to place lapel pins. We’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll show you four effective ways to wear a lapel pin. A pin can be a great way to complete an outfit, and it is always better to check Legitgrails to see if your items are original or not.

  1. Stick It Through Your Jacket’s the Buttonhole

Let’s start by teaching you how to wear a lapel pin the traditional way. This method suits any type of lapel pin. You can use either a boutonniere, long-stemmed lapel pin, or other types of lapel pins.

The general rule for wearing a lapel pin is to keep it on your left lapel. If you’re wearing a jacket, place the lapel pin through or over the buttonhole of the lapel of the jacket. Long-stemmed lapel pins go through the buttonhole.

Keep it on your left lapel, and you’re all good. If your jacket or suit has a pocket square, it must be north of it. If your suit jacket doesn’t have a hole for lapel pins, pin it through the material instead.

  1. Lapel Pin Placement for Ties

What if it’s the summer months and you don’t want to wear a jacket at all times for fear of heatstroke? The great thing about smart lapel pin placement is that it’s flexible. There’s no rule about not being able to wear a lapel pin without a jacket.

If you’re wearing a tie, place the lapel pin in the middle of the tie. Mind you, this works wonders for ties with solid colors, not so much for patterned ties. Do this if you plan to leave your jacket hanging in your locker for most of the day.

If there’s a possibility you’ll wear your jacket for an important meeting, keep your lapel pin on your jacket.

  1. Keep Your Pin on via Magnet

Are you attending an important event where you need to dress to the nines? Do you want to keep an expensive tuxedo jacket free from unnecessary pinholes? The best thing you can do for this is to get a magnetic lapel pin.

With magnetic lapel pins, you don’t have to worry about the pin end snagging or fraying the material of your jacket.

  1. Stylish Dress Shirt + Lapel Pin Combo

Got no jacket or tie to clip your lapel pin on? No problem. There aren’t rules against wearing a lapel pin if you have no suit jacket or tie. 

If you’re wearing a dress shirt, you only need to know where your imaginary lapel is. For dress shirts, men’s lapel pins go on the left side of the shirt, near the heart. Don’t be afraid to dress the part of a successful businessman if you want to feel like one.

Wear Your Lapel Pin With Style

Those are the various ways for proper and impactful lapel pin placement. It may seem like a small thing to worry about the correct placement of lapel pins. However, as they say, the devil is in the details.

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