The world has become a fast-paced place and mass-produced goods are now the norm. If you want to stand out, handmade plates are one of the items that can help people demonstrate a love of genuine craftsmanship and authenticity. In a special way that is unique to every individual artisan and buyer, handmade plates hold a great, timeless appeal that goes beyond most other things and acts as evidence of the human touch. In this blog post, we delve into what handmade plates are and the reasons you should consider investing in some, or if you have them, what makes them such a treasure.

What are handmade plates?

Unlike the mass-produced plates that are manufactured by machines in huge numbers, handmade plates are crafted by artists using their hands. When you hold a handmade plate, you’re holding a token of an artist’s skill who has taken their valuable time to shape, sculpt or mold it.

Handcrafted plates are made using different techniques and from different materials, including ceramics, glass, wood, porcelain, or metals such as stainless steel. The choice of material can depend on the individual artisan’s style, expertise, and experience. A meticulous process goes into the crafting of a handmade plate that may include shaping the material, incorporating decorative aspects, glazing, firing, and applying the finishing touches.

Due to the work, care, and attention to detail needed, each plate is one-of-a-kind and has a distinct artisan’s touch, usually showcasing the irregularities and imperfections that form part of its character and charm.

Why do handmade plates matter?

So, why should you consider ordering handmade plates from handcraft experts like Supper Club? Here are some of the reasons that make handmade plates timeless treasures:

They offer uniqueness and individuality

If there’s a thing that makes handmade plates such precious items, then it’s their inherent uniqueness. Because their creation is a tale of skilled artisans and each of the pieces has a distinct character that makes it stand out among its mass-produced counterparts.

With each handcrafted plate, the artist’s hand is evident, especially in the subtle variations and imperfections that arise as they are created. And with such individuality, each plate has its story, which makes it a one-of-a-kind item.

Handmade plates provide sustainability and support local artists

As the world is struggling with the impact of mass production on the environment, handmade plates may provide a sustainable alternative. This is because they use materials that are sourced locally, for example, clay, and stoneware, and utilize sustainable production methods, which reduces the carbon footprint often associated with production.

In addition, because these plates are made by local artists when you place your order for them, you support small-scale workshops, cottage industries, and local artists. This contributes to a more responsible and ethical consumption culture. And given that they use traditional techniques and methods that are passed down from one generation to another, they help to preserve craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

They offer a return to the concept of slow living

The increased preference for handmade plates is a sign of the significant cultural shift to embracing the idea of slow living. As you enjoy your meal on a handcrafted plate, it is an invitation to slow down and engage your senses so you can savor the moment, and experience the pleasure of dining. Thus, the whole experience of eating from a handmade plate makes meals more meaningful and elevates them from just nourishment to occasions of mindful indulgence.


Handmade plates are worthy investments. They go beyond any short-lived fads, and showcase individuality and uniqueness, offering sustainable alternatives and offering a great way to start going back to the concept of slow living and pleasurable dining experiences.