A GPS tracker is an essential technology item that anyone should consider. Whether it is protecting your family car or your luggage, a GPS tracker is the best optimal option for this purpose. There are different kinds of GPS trackers available on the market, based on your requirements. When it comes to vehicle tracking, options include connecting the GPS tracker to car batteries or the OBD port. Trackers with independent batteries are also used for car tracking. However, in most situations, a GPS tracker with an inbuilt battery is preferred.

Here are 5 must-have features you should look for in a GPS tracker.

SIM Card Coverage

A GPS tracker works with a data connection. The performance of the tracker device and the alerts are dependent on the SIM card coverage. Usually, the SIM card will be in M2M format. A SIM card with wide coverage area would be more efficient in tracking an object.

Battery Life

If you prefer to operate a standalone GPS tracker with its own battery, the battery life determines the number of days of active tracking. The longer the battery life, the better for continuous tracking. Products with battery life up to 90 days are available on the market for purchase. They are especially useful for personal use and if you are tracking luggage, etc.

Better App Performance

Tracking is done mostly using your mobile or desktop computer. However, since we are mostly on our phones, we prefer apps for easy tracking. But what good does it do if the app takes too long to load or is unresponsive? Additionally, a complicated app layout can be troublesome for some of us. The tracking app should load quickly and have easy-to-understand interfaces. Therefore, before purchasing a GPS tracker, do check the app first so that you will be comfortable after the purchase.


When it comes to tracking devices that use standalone batteries, design is an important element. It should be mini-sized and pocket-friendly as the whole purpose of tracking is to be discreet. Additionally, a sturdy and waterproof design ensures that the tracker remains active for a long period of time. Other design elements include visible indicators for battery percentage, connection, and tracking signal, so that you would know if the tracker were working as it should be.

Customer Support

You never know when you will run into problems or if you are confused while trying a feature on the tracker app, so responsive customer support is a must. Good customer support is always a great thing. You can gain a better understanding of the product when you are too lazy to read the manual, simply by having a conversation with the customer support team.

Anyway, these are the basic features you should check for in any tracking devices. There is much more to cover in detail if we delve deep into each point mentioned above. Additionally, there are many more factors to consider, such as user data protection and the associated costs, etc.