A recent YouGov survey found that two out of three Americans would love to have a surprise birthday party thrown for them. And there are probably many people who would love to throw a surprise birthday party. But there’s one problem that may shatter these dreams. 

Adult parties are not kids’ parties. Planning a party for an adult can be more difficult. You can’t just throw a clown or magician at an adult and expect them to be happy. 

But don’t worry. You can find plenty of adult outdoor birthday party ideas online. Read on to learn about a few of them. 

Adult Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas #1: Video Games 

Is your adult friend a gamer? If so, you’ve already got a great party theme. Create an outdoor party themed after one of your gamer friend’s favorite game series. 

Play Video Games

The main activity will, of course, be playing your friend’s favorite game series. You can even rent projector screen outdoor equipment to make it even more special. While everyone is taking turns, have them play games based on the world of the game. 

Food, Decorations, Etc. 

You can also theme the food, decorations, and party attire after the game. For example, if your friend likes the Mario series, you can make mushroom cookies, star cake, etc. You can also ask people to dress up as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and other characters. 

AOBPI #2: Destination Celebration 

Does your friend have a place they love and/or miss? Then consider throwing them a destination-themed party. 

Food and Decorations

Say that your friend loves Paris. You can decorate your party venue with examples of French architecture. You can also look up authentic French recipes you can prepare and serve to your guests. 


You can also integrate a learning element if you wish. Having an on-site French cooking class can be a whole lot of fun. 

AOBPI #3: Movie Party 

A movie party can work similarly to a video game party. If your friend has a favorite movie, you can theme the party around that movie. You can also theme the party around a movie genre if you wish. 


Planning games for a movie party can be easy. Just take a classic game and theme it around a movie genre. For example, Pin the Tail on the Donkey can become Pin the Stake on the Vampire. 

A movie party is also a great excuse to play a trivia game. You should find plenty of movie-themed trivia games and questions around. If not, you can make some trivia questions yourself. 

More Fun Factoids Ahead 

And these are just a few adult outdoor birthday party ideas. With enough research, you should find plenty more ideas. With enough creativity, you can also make plenty of your own. 

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