Have you noticed that age spots are popping up all over the place on your skin? If so, you might be starting to get worried.

You’ll be happy to hear that, more often than not, age spots are not harmful. But even still, you might want to try to get rid of age spots to make your skin look better.

So, how can you remove age spots? Ideally, you would have worked to prevent age spots from the start. You can do it by staying out of the sun and protecting your skin with sunscreen.

But if you didn’t do this, there are steps you can take to reduce age spots. Whether you have age spots on your face or another part of your skin, you can usually get them to go away or, at the very least, lighten them dramatically.


Here are some tips on how to get rid of age spots.

Skin-Lightening Lotions

When you’re first trying to get rid of age spots, you might want to take a walk down the lotion aisle at your local pharmacy. There are sure to be plenty of lotions that might do the trick.

More specifically, you should hone in on all the different skin-lightening lotions on the market today. They may work wonders for those trying to get rid of age spots.

Focus on skin-lightening lotions that contain ingredients like:

  • Kojic acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Tranexamic acid

They may make age spots disappear over the course of the next few months. Just make sure you’re prepared to put a dedicated skincare routine into place to improve your chances.

Prescription Medications

One of the big downsides of using skin-lightening lotions is that they aren’t always going to work. Worse, it might take you months or sometimes even years to realize they aren’t delivering the right results.

It’s why you might want to speak with a dermatologist about obtaining prescription medication for your age spots. They’ll be able to evaluate your age spots and pick out a prescription they think will work best for them.

Prescription medications designed to get rid of age spots will typically contain hydroquinone, retinoids, and sometimes even steroids. They’ll also need to be used for many months to see real results.

But you may be surprised to see what a big difference using prescription medications can make. These medications can also be used to deal with many other cosmetic skin problems.

Age Spot Procedures

You’re far from the only person to suffer from age spots. Millions of other Americans are also trying to get rid of age spots right now.

With this in mind, it shouldn’t shock you to hear that there are lots of different age-spot procedures that have popped up over the years. Each of these procedures can be used to put age spots in the past quickly.

Some of the most effective age-spot procedures are:

  • Laser treatment
  • Microneedling
  • Cryotherapy
  • Dermabrasion
  • Chemical peel

Visit this med spa to discover more about each of these procedures.

The biggest benefit of using age spot procedures to treat age spots is that they’ll help make them disappear fast. You might be able to reduce age spots permanently within just one or two treatments depending on which procedure you decide to go with.


If you have age spots on your face you wish you could hide, you should know this is going to be an option. There are different types of makeup that you can use to make age spots disappear from your face in a hurry.

This obviously isn’t going to do away with age spots for good. But it will be a great option for those who are trying to fade age spots and waiting patiently for them to become distant memories.

A little bit of makeup can make it look like you don’t have any age spots at all. You’ll feel more confident overall when you’re able to use makeup to your benefit when it comes to age spots.

Age Spot Prevention

The last thing you want to do is work hard to get rid of age spots only to have new age spots take their place. It’ll frustrate you to no end and start a vicious cycle of you removing age spots and having new ones pop up.

So, what can you do as far as age spot prevention is concerned? Well, for starters, you can stay out of the sun and use sunscreen as we mentioned earlier. But you shouldn’t stop there.

You should also get yourself into the habit of wearing hats, gloves, and other pieces of clothing that can cover up your skin. It’ll stop them from being exposed to the sun. You can also figure out what your skin type is so that you’ll know whether you’re likely to develop age spots.

These simple steps will ensure you aren’t forced to find more ways to get rid of age spots in the future. They’ll prevent them from coming back around and wreaking havoc on your skin.

Get Rid of Age Spots Once and For All

The good news is that most age spots aren’t going to put you in any danger. You won’t have to worry about them developing into skin cancer or anything like that.

But age spots can turn into cosmetic nightmares for those who don’t like their appearances. It’s why you should aim to get rid of age spots as soon as you start to notice them. It’ll prevent these age spots from taking a toll on your self-confidence.

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