If your bedroom is looking and feeling like a crash pad and not like the cozy and comfortable space it once was, you need to act. If you leave your bedroom as it is you may struggle to fully relax and unwind. However, if you start making improvements, you can improve how your bedroom feels and looks, and you can once again have that cozy and comfortable space.

Invest in a New Bed

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add comfort to a bedroom is to invest in a new bed. A new bed will be firm, and you will find it will help you get a good night’s rest. When you are looking at investing in a new bed, you must decide on the size and style that you want. You may find that a king-size bed is not what you are after. You may prefer to start looking at emperor beds, especially those frames that give you under-bed storage. When you are looking at new beds, make sure the size and style will fit in your new bedroom. Also, see if you can change where it is positioned, as this may make a difference to the comfort of your bedroom.

Useful Tip: As well as purchasing a new bed, also look at getting new bedding. New bedding can lift how your bedroom feels, especially if it is made from rich cotton with a high thread.

Don’t Forget Throws, Cushions and Pillows

After you have purchased a new bed, it is now time to focus on the other soft furnishings that add comfort. Throws, cushions, and pillows are ideal for dressing a bed, and for dressing any sofas or chairs that you have in your bedroom. When you are adding cushions and pillows, it is important to mix and match. A variety of styles and sizes will help give your bedroom that comfy feeling that you are after.

Add Texture and Layers to the Room

A room that is more comfortable and cozier is often one that features many layers and textures. It is important that you are bold with adding textures and layers. Textured throws and cushions can add depth to a room. Drapes that are deep and sumptuous can add warmth to windows. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures, as this can often produce fantastic results.

Useful Tip: A fresh vase of flowers or a houseplant can lift the aesthetic in your bedroom and make it feel comfortable day or night.

Introduce Soft Lighting

Cozy bedrooms are often softly lit. They do not feature bright bulbs or fittings. If you have money in your budget, you should look at introducing soft lighting. This may be in the form of wall sconces, or it may be table lamps that add that layer of softness. When you are introducing soft lighting, always think about how the natural light works in the bedroom. Try to complement the natural light as well as you can, and do not work against it.