Grocery trends change as often as clothing and home decor trends, yet they get far less national attention!  Whether you’re shopping just for yourself or for your entire family, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the national trends so you know what to expect.

These are the top five grocery trends we’re expecting in 2023 and what that means for the average consumer.

In-Store Experiences Shifting

Although online shopping and pre-ordering for pickup have become massive staples in grocery shopping, in 2023, we’re expecting a large shift back to in-person.  Stores are changing layouts, displays, and aesthetics and trying to go for a more artisanal small-store aesthetic, even if they’re a national chain.

This follows in the line of Target, which has created an aesthetic of high-end and detailed shopping, despite mostly selling discounted or lower-price items when compared to pricier shops.

More Focus on Local Produce

Another large shift in grocery news is a change in what the products are.  Buyers are more concerned about their health and the health of the planet than they were ten years ago: and that’s showing through the focus on local and organic produce.

Stores are working to offer more products that can easily be traced back to a farm or have been exposed to far fewer chemicals and unnecessary processes, and traveling stresses.  

Working with local farms gives stores a chance to save a little money while also giving back to the community.

Digital and Physical Hand in Hand

Although in previous years, there’s been a shift to all digital versus all in-person shopping, in 2023, we’re expecting to see a meld of the two.  This means being able to use in-app coupons in person or getting to navigate the store digitally to plan out their shopping experiences.

Some stores are even offering in-app product scanning that lets customers scan their shopping as they go so they can keep track of their spending and budget.

Coupons to Make Life Affordable

Coupons are king in 2023.  Many families are struggling to get by since the cost of living continues to rise, and there’s a lot of growth in interest for coupons.  Stores are starting to offer more loyalty coupons, offering the customers who come to the most often coupons to encourage more spending.

Return of Meal Planning

Meal prepping goes in and out of style, but with the current market, many people are rushing to do anything they can to save money.  Meal prepping allows consumers to get a large number of meals prepared for an affordable price in a reduced amount of time.

Some stores are now offering meal-prepping kits, ranging from one meal to five or six, that cut the shopping and going through the store out for the customer and gives them a chance to get it all in one place.  This can often be more expensive than getting the ingredients per item, but it’s a great option for anyone wanting to save time.

Groceries Are a Huge Market

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or your family, there are tons of new grocery trends every year!  Keep an eye out for these in 2023, and you’ll have an incredible year!