For most women, shopping for a bathing suit isn’t something that is exactly thrilling; in fact, all women could agree that shopping for bathing suits is a drag. Going to the store sorting through all the different styles and trying them on only to be disappointed can feel like a total time waste, so this year, arm yourself with the knowledge of what’s not only in trend for the summer of 2023 but what will flatter your figure best. If you know what you’re looking for and what makes you feel comfortable and confident, shopping online for swimsuits is the best and easiest way to curate a collection you can enjoy this summer and for years to come. Please keep reading for the bathing suit styles all women need in their collections this year.

Bralette Two-Pieces 

If you’re a child of the ’80s or even the early 90s, you probably remember how iconic the string bikini was, and while some women are still brave enough to bare all in such a skimpy swimsuit, a more comfortable and modest option is available in the bralette style two-piece. You’ve probably jumped on the bandwagon of pairing a bralette underneath the tank or maxi dress, but swimsuits with the bralette style top give you coverage but still allow you to show off your figure. Opt for one in plain neutral or fun prints; some bralettes even have cut-out or frill detailing. 

Front Twist Suits 

If you’re looking for a suit that hides any insecurities, you may have in your midsection, which makes you normal, not insecure, a front twist suit provides texture and detailing that will draw the eye away from any bulges and jiggles. Being a woman comes with many things to be proud of, not the least of which is changing waistlines and belly sizes. Still, it’s normal to want to feel confident in a suit, so a one-piece with a front twist is a great solution if this feeling resonates with you. 

Iconic Black One-Piece 

Regarding fashion, nothing is more iconic or beloved by women than the LBD (Little Black Dress). It’s versatile, flattering on everyone, and works for you regardless of age, body type, event, etc. The LBD’s sister is the black one piece swimsuit. One-piece suits have dominated the swimsuit scene for the last few years, even on models and celebrities, for good reasons – they provide excellent coverage, work at the pool, the beach, and parties and come in various styles and colors. However, none of them have the staying power as the iconic black one-piece, so if you don’t already have one in your swim wardrobe, consider yourself on notice!

Ruffled Swimsuits 

Ruffles are flirty and fun, which for many women is the epitome of summer vibes, so incorporating this trend into your swimsuit repertoire only makes sense. Ruffled cups, ruffled edges, or ruffled straps don’t matter where you find this fun detail, but it can make a sweet and impactful statement. Ruffled swimsuits can work with a bikini or one-piece style and become even more feminine if you opt for a pink shade or classic neutral. Ruffled suits are worth trying if you’re looking for romance this summer

One Shoulder Color-Blocks

If you’re looking to up your one-piece game, a simple way to do it is to opt for a swimsuit that only has one shoulder strap. The shoulder strap will be thicker, which provides support where you need it, and color blocking can take a simple one-piece bathing suit and give it a classic but colorful appearance. Summer is all about having fun, and your swimsuit should reflect that, so opt for a one-shoulder one-piece with fun bright color-blocking like teal, purple (one of the summer’s “it” colors), and classic white. 

This spring, save yourself time by shopping online for these summer swimsuit styles; this gives you plenty of time to return anything that doesn’t strike your fancy or exchange for sizing. Spring is upon us, which means summer is right around the corner, and luck favors the prepared – so stay lucky when it comes to your pool days, beach trips, and summer vacations.