There’s a lot to like about the Weight Watchers program, which allows you to eat largely what you want as long as you don’t amass more than a specific allocation of SmartPoints. 

Under the Weight Watchers program, each dish comes with its own number of these points, making it easier for you to track your food intake. 

Detailed below are just some examples of delicious meals that each take 15 minutes or fewer to prepare — and won’t add excessively to your SmartPoints haul.

Kabobs of bright vegetables

One-skillet chicken and broccoli dinner 

In consuming this, you can give up just two SmartPoints. The meal itself is flavourful — and you can prepare it all in fewer than 15 minutes, not to mention with just one pan. The SkinnyMs. website enthuses: “That means less clean-up for you!”

If it wouldn’t be too heavy on the SmartPoints, you could even add a side of rice or pasta to the dish.

Clean eating chicken fried rice 

This six-SmartPoint meal counts as a less-than-15-minute one as, after you have finished cooking the rice, it will take fewer than ten minutes for the rest of the dish to come together.

Hence, you can prepare it in less time than would be required for you to travel for a takeaway.

Clean eating loaded grilled chicken nachos 

Yes, your Weight Watchers plan can indeed include nachos — and these are not only delicious, they can be thrown together in just ten minutes. You don’t even have to expend more than 15 SmartPoints in order to enjoy those nachos as a meal.

If you usually eat nachos with a side of sour cream, keep in mind that some plain Greek yoghurt would make a higher-protein and lower-fat alternative to it.

Steamed vegetables 

The Weight Watchers website explains: “Because steamed vegetables require only a short time in the microwave, they typically have higher levels of vitamins and other nutrients compared to veggies prepared using other cooking methods.”

Almost all vegetables can be effectively steamed in the microwave — with tender vegetables along the lines of peas and asparagus especially good examples. Hearteningly, tender veggies can be cooked in as few as three minutes.

If you don’t currently have a microwave, you can easily purchase a great-value one after taking your pick from various high-quality microwaves available online.

Hawaiian chicken kebabs 

If you have a grill, you could use it to make these tropical-flavoured kebabs — and leave yourself feeling as though you are at a seafront restaurant with a beautiful beach and glistening sea serving as sumptuous pieces of scenery. 

The cooking process itself will take about ten minutes — and result in a set of kebabs that, even if eaten in their entirety, will not account for more than 12 SmartPoints.

Southwestern chicken and vegetable salad

The flavours packed into this Southwestern salad include those of tomato, avocado, and sweetcorn — and it all adds up to just eight SmartPoints in total. Furthermore, you can expect the whole delicious thing to be on your plate in less than 15 minutes.