Throwing a baby shower can be a wonderful celebration of new life, but it can also be expensive. You may feel overwhelmed if you have offered to host a baby shower and are having to handle quite a few costs associated with the celebration.

Here are some tips to help you save money while still throwing a memorable baby shower.

Host the shower at home

Consider hosting the baby shower at your home (or perhaps the home of someone else who is helping out), instead of renting a venue. This will save you quite a bit of money on rental costs and will give you more flexibility with the decorations and food.

Collaborate When Possible

You don’t have to take on all the responsibility when it comes to throwing a baby shower! Delegate some of the responsibilities to others, whether it is hanging up decorations or helping to prepare food, or to assemble favors. It is especially useful if you can co-host with others who have resources. For example, if someone is a good baker, they can be in charge of desserts, or if someone has a Cricut machine, they can help make decorations or favors.

Keep the guest list small

While it is nice to be able to throw a huge celebration, more guests mean more costs. Keep the guest list to closer family and friends to save on expenses like food and decorations.

Make your own invitations

Create your own invitations using online templates or design software. This will save you money on invitation printing and shipping costs. There are also inexpensive baby shower invitations you can purchase online and fill out by hand, versus expensive custom invites.

Photo credit: Amazon Baby Shower Invites

Skip the catering

Consider making the food yourself or asking guests to bring dishes to share, potluck style. This will save you money on catering costs. You can always splurge on something like dessert.

Simple decorations

Instead of going all out on decorations, consider using simple and inexpensive items like balloons and streamers. Skip helium, as it is an added cost.

A balloon arch kit costs around $10-15 on Amazon and is sure to be a conversation piece. You just need something to inflate the balloons (like a compressor) and a helping hand or two. I have put arches together without a balloon arch stand to save money, using clear string to hang the arch in different spots.

DIY and Inexpensive Shower Games

There are lots of options for DIY or inexpensive baby shower games. There are so many ideas you can find online, and it is easy enough to put together your own Baby Shower Pictionary or other games.

DIY favors

Consider making your own party favors like candies or cookies to give guests something to take home that doesn’t break the bank. If you don’t make homemade items, you can order items in bulk to save, such as tea bags or candies. You can buy favor boxes or bags in bulk, and add a ribbon for decoration.

Small paper goodie boxes

Shop for deals

Check for deals on items like tablecloths, napkins, and decorations at discount stores or online. You can get a lot of supplies from places like the Dollar Store, such as tablecloths and disposable plates. Also check out stores like Five Below and Walmart, as well as Amazon. You can often order items in bulk from the Dollar store online or

Remember, the most important thing about a baby shower is celebrating the arrival of a new life, not how much money was spent on the party.