Doing laundry can feel like the bane of your existence. Even when you are caught up, it seems like laundry piles up quickly – so are you really ever caught up? This can certainly be one of those truly dreaded chores that you can’t escape, as your family need clean clothes for their daily routine.

Here are some tips to streamline your laundry routine.

Have multiple hampers

Have multiple hampers around your home to keep on top of collecting laundry. It is good to have one in each person’s room or closet, and the bathroom next to the shower. This way, you can reduce laundry that accumulates on the floor, closet, etc. Establish good habits for everyone to put dirty laundry in the hamper. Even very young children can start doing this on their own!

Fix issues with your washer or dryer

Maintaining your washer and dryer is so important when it comes to doing laundry, so that you aren’t struggling with appliances that do not work properly. Look into how to fix your broken appliance efficiently in Kitchener, so that you aren’t dealing with things not performing their best. You should also have a plan for maintaining your washer and dryer. Keep your washing machine lid open when possible, to reduce mold or mildew, and use a washing machine cleaner as needed. It is important to keep on top of emptying out the lint trap on your dryer so that you can have maximum air flow and also eliminate the potential for a clothes dryer fire as a result of accumulated lint.

Have a good plan for dry laundry

Half the battle with laundry is putting it all away. Be prepared with things like bins for sorting, plenty of hangers, etc. You can have empty bins set up for sorting laundry that will need to be folded or hung up. Regularly clean out closets or store seasonal clothing, so that you aren’t fighting with an overflow of clothing when you go to put away dry laundry.

Sorting can be a large part of the struggle. Figure out a way to label clothing such as socks, so that it is easy to sort laundry between family members. You can create one bin for each family member of clothing for them to put away.


All of the laundry duties should not fall on just one person in the household. Children can learn how to do certain parts of the laundry routine starting at a young age. Teens are old enough to be able to handle the entire process on their own. Each person should have some responsibility for their share of the laundry load. Regardless of delegating tasks, it is important that everyone in the family knows how to do laundry properly, from sorting light and dark colors to treating stains and using the appropriate detergents.

Have a Reasonable Schedule

Try to space out laundry loads reasonably, so that you don’t spend your entire weekend doing load after load. It can help to establish a schedule, such as a midweek load of laundry. If you anticipate a quantity of laundry from sports or linens, plan accordingly. Also consider the weather and line-drying laundry if you expect a dry spell. Sun-drying laundry is a great way to have an eco-friendly laundry routine. This cuts down on time using your dryer, saves money on utilities, and can mean quick-drying clothes outdoors.